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Poor performance


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio sport cup 172
Hi, I'm aware this post might be a million things but hopefully one of the points posted will give me something to try. This is purely a track car I'm finding my performance for say 6 or 8 laps would be brilliant but then performance would drop off to the extent that cars that I had just over taken would suddenly start gaining on me (not other drivers taking it easy then start properly driving as my mate who has the his car on track can see the difference) I'm thinking it could be a sensor or something pretty much standard engine but has the 98 ron map fitted and no fault codes other than rest 02 sensor over heat, or my other thought is tyres are getting too hot etc and losing traction. It's not like limp mode as it's hardly noticable until you realise people are starting to gain on you. I'm open to any ideas I can try thanks in advance.