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Possible CHEAP Track Day in Wales

All, I know that alot of you are starting to get into track days now and I was speaking to my boss about this yesterday and he takes his bike on track days. He mentioned that the local track by me, Pembrey Circuit, holds track days for clubs and the prices are around £60 ! This circuit was used by the Mclaren F1 team for testing along with other F1 teams so it is a good circuit. I know that Wales is a long way out for a lot of people but for around this price would anybody be interested in a club meet ?

Let me know and I will get some definite prices, etc.


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Get it sorted and Ill be there Dai, and if Im not very much mistaken therell be plenty of others too!

Lap record 50.097 seconds - pah. WATCH THIS!

I thought you may post on this topic Mike ! LOL !

What is a fair price for a track day ? Full day or half day ?
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Anything below £100 is cheap for a full day. Big circuits like Donington are £150+. £60 is unbelievable unless theres a silly number of cars. Can get cheap track days for around £79 but thats at airfields which are not comparable to proper circuits.

Ideally you want something like: first hour run in 20 minutes sessions behind a safety car so everyone gets a chance to learn the circuit a bit without getting eaten alive by those who know it already.

Then open pit-lane the rest of the day, max about 40 cars for a track the size of Pembrey.

Half days are pretty unusual, though they do have them at some circuits at weekends.

Id be interested in this, Ive provitionally booked a space at Donnington in Feb but that is £179, so this is far more attractive.


I know, but Pembrey is over £100 cheaper, which at the moment I could do with. As at 6700miles my tyres are pretty shot and my brake pedal feels very spongy. A trackday would finish the tyres and brakes off, so I can put that £100 to good use.


Well, as soon as I get some a good number of names together I will get in touch with Pembrey and see if they can sort us out with a good deal, I am sure they could and it would be great for me to have a meet 20 mins down the road from me !

Stu, obviously keep your Donny booking but I will keep you all informed of course.

indeed, not a fab track, but at that price who cares, and its the peolpe that make the event......ill be there...

ill be in a fezzy though, anybody mind?
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Pembrey is South West Wales

Just 10 mins down the road from my Mum & Dad.

Would defo be interested.

but need quite a bit of notice to arrange time off work and dog sitter

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Quite a lot of interest Dai - looks like this could be a runner m8. How many do they need? Tell em well bring our own instructor (Pete!).

I will send them an e-mail to say that we have a club that would like to book a track day and see what sort of prices they can give us.......

Bacon butties for breaky and my crib then ! LOL !