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Possible to clean valver roof lining?

  MK1 Clio 16v
Randomly, i was just looking at my roof lining in my valver whilst sitting in traffic, and i just noticed how dirty it was!

Its got loads of dirty black marks (a bit like water patches) all over it, although i've got no idea how they got there. It's all over the roof as well, not just certain areas.. strange!

Is there anything i can use to clean it? It's a weird material so i'm not sure what will work the best. What about upholstry cleaner?

I think i just answered my own question there :eek: Suggestions are welcome though!
  F82 M4
sounds like smoke marks. Do u smoke in it? If so then thats ur problem. I wud recommend carpet cleaner but always test in a subtle place first
  MK1 Clio 16v
No i don't smoke at all, neither did the previous owner, but who knows about the owners before then..!

Is carpet cleaner different to upholstry cleaner then? Slightly stronger?



ClioSport Club Member
autoglym sell a dry clean foam for fabrics at halfords. works great !