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Posting Tyres.


  RS Clio 172
Anyone done this? Need to send a set of 4. Just after a rough idea on price. I have no way of weighing them so no way of getting an estimate.
  a thirsty one
^ think they may still be on his car so he wants to agree with the buyer a price and to do that needs to agree on p+p cost (thats how i read it anyway)


  RS Clio 172
they're not on the car J-dizzle. they're my R888s.

Rollo - no scales at home, no. don't like seeing how fat i am.

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster

Guestimate everything. they never check.

Used them dozens of times. I payed something like £8 for a bucket seat to be delivered the other end of the country.