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Power loss+Heater ?

  Clio 172 Cup
Hi guyz got a problem with my clio cup, every once in a while it will go into limp home mode, just had it back from the garage and they found a fault with the accel pedal so they replaced that. But its still coming on. What ive found out is that it only comes on when i stick the blower on with hot air but it doesnt always happen. But it will only happen if i stick the blower on. I have no idea why that would cause a problem.

Any ideas ?
  Clio 172 Cup
nope not yet, the garage i took it to found that there was a fault with the accelerator pedal so they replaced that, and that fixed the problem. But it is slowly coming back again. What they think it might be now is some extra wiring is needed for the pedal. Renault issued a bulletin saying that if a number of certain fault codes come up, a small mod is needed to the accel pedal, something to do with wiring loom. But because i spent alot of money on other things they are reluctant to do the mod at the moment because its not quite bad enough for the engine light to come on and register a fault. So without knowing what fault codes are coming up they basically dont want to do it. So im just driving it around atm waiting for the problem to get bad enough again so that i can take it in.
  Clio 172 Cup
Just to update, ive had the accel pedal sensor replaced, that didnt work, so they then added the wiring loom but that also hasnt fixed the problem. Only last week they fitted a new throttle body but that hasnt fixed the problem either. So they now think that it might be the fuel injectors i think the guy said. What basically keeps happening is that in lower gears and revs its like the accel pedal becomes ver sensitive or has a mind of its own, just a little press of the throttle will be like putting it to the floor and then taking it off slightly is like getting off the power all together. It happens very intermittently and then seems to go away after a while, then sometimes the engine light will come on and the fault that keeps coming up is saying that there is a problem with the accel pedal, even though they have replaced the sensor, tried the wiring loom and now the throttle body. The other day i was driving out of work and the car was driving itself and i didnt even have my foot on the accel pedal. Has anyone got any ideas?