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Power steering removal delete help please

  RB 182 Track Project
On my last track day I had nothing but trouble with my power steering so I've made the decision to delete it.

I put a wanted advert on here and bought a full power steering delete kit with rack but this has never turned up:(

Just wondered what manual rack people use to delete the power and what else is needed? can I just leave the pump in place?

Any help would be great as my car is sat with the engine out waiting to get all this sorted:


  172 Race Car
Personaly i think its a crap idea removing it. But if you must then you need the alternator and brackets from a non aircon 172 cup, a shorter belt to bypass the pump and a lower spec clio rack. You need a rack designed for a car with an electric coloum, this will give you the same turns lock to lock as the 172 pas rack. Some people leave the stock rack in and join the pipes together but im not a fan of this idea