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Prima !

  Skoda Fabia vRS

jus called em for a catalogue, they want £3.50

every single other place gives them away for free !

anyone got one they dont want ?.....recent one ?

prima are the worst company in the worlg....ive dealt with them once, took 9 months to get my shocks!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Ive heard many a story about Prima, and the general consensus has been avoid like the plaque.

This is the opinion of others, and I myself have never bought anything from them.

Judge for yourself.

  172 & LCR

To call Prima a bunch of Wan___s would be an under statment they couldnt even supply a model Clio my wife once ordered and it took 4 months to get the cash back, just dont go their.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i bought a spoiler off them ages ago, which was kind of ok, but i then ordered the sideskirts for the same kit from them, and the quality of them was absolutely w*nk. I mean they were an absolute joke!!, one of them arrived cracked and i have to argue with the guy on the phone for about half an hour before they would take them back, they are complete tw*ts!. After that experience i left ordering anything from them for ages, but after a few months i tried ordering stuff again and they were saying, oh we dont sell that anymore, and we dont have any of that in stock, basically they didnt have anything for sale.


To be honest I ordered my kit from here were with me within 2 weeks and were really good no problem. The company however did cause me prob was Fast forward motorspport. Dont buy there kits u have countless probs. After 6 months of trying to return faulty skirts I ended up having to pay extra to get them extended. Thanks.

yeah same here, i sent an email and they replyed then sent me the catalogue. im having hassle at the moment from a company called dawsons. trying to get some side skirts and there taking bloody ages, keep phoning them up and they say oh yeah just got to phone the suppliers we will phone you back, never do.


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

I bought a spoiler off them which turned out to be full of holes and didnt fit. I could have moulded it better myself!!! It took over 3 months and a threat to take them to court to get my cash back! Not recommended by me.

The prima website does not work and they never update it..never send them emails coz they never reply.....i telephoned about the new clio kit and the bloke put the phone down on me and when i called back he said that it was after 5.00pm and he wanted to go home...what the f**k!!!!
  350z & 16v Maxi

To be honest Prima have been quite good with me so far. Still dont really like them though. I bought Nick Gs F2 kit and Prima are going to chnage the front bumper to a Maxi one for me FOC, i have been on the phone a couple of times about the off set for my wheels and the guy was realy helpfull. Just need to wait and see how long it will take them to change the bumper.

I have not dealt with Prima b4 as I had a Pug b4 the 172, but I looked on their website a few wks ago and the kits that I saw for all the reno range looked cheap, The kits in the Demon Tweeks catalogue looked better quality and there not great either!!!
I think BB Performance Tuning look a much better outfit. (Thats were Ill be getting my turbo conversion done!!!)