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Problem after fitting new amp

Ok so Ive just spent the last hour or so fitting my new amp.

Though itd be easy enough just putting the wires from the old one into the new one (Both Alpine V12s), and it seemed to be going well.

But now after fitting it the H/U wont come on....

Guessing Ive blown a fuse somewhere, but where?



  Polo + Micra

im guessing the one on the back of the h/u might have gone.

but this would only go if you had it on and touched the remote to ground

Well I never disconnected the battery (think I should have now.....)

So if the two had touched (remote and ground) itll blow the fuse in the back of the h/u?

Think that could have easily happened then as I only taped up the live wire to make sure that didnt touch anything.
  Polo + Micra

well the remote will only be live if the h/u was on.

it might blow the one on the back of h/u but some h/u have a small internal fuse that will blow first

Just been to Halfords to get J_RT/Jamie_Williams3 to have a look and him and his mate Neil sorted it for me.

Fuse had gone under the bonnet on the amp wiring to the battery.

All sorted now, and got some louder tunes!

Cheers lads.....

I think its cos the head unit is wired off the amp wiring or something.

Neil said its not normally how youd wire it up.....

Anyway, glad its sorted too! :D

Cheers for the help Dink (y)