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Hi all

I have done a search but cannot find anything definitive.

My car seems to the naked eye be running ok but this being the first sport ive had cannot be 100 percent

my mpg seems low just about managing 25 on v power struggling to get260 out of a tank

this is mostly town drive admittedly with a few longer runs and the very occassonal blast on the open road

ive read people average well above this. Any ideas as to why this is and known issues to cause this



  Z4, VW172, R26
Take it on a decent run and see how low you can get it. Set cruise to 60 and you should be over 40mpg


ClioSport Club Member
Town driving is never good for mpg, I'd expect 25mpg. I used to get 31 on my commute which was some 60 mph roads, bit of town and some 30 limits over 12 miles.

If you want more MPG you can adapt your driving style considerably for when you aren't giving it beans. Accelerate slowly, anticipate ahead, keep your distance from the car in front and don't get into situations where you need to suddenly brake. Standard advice but tyre pressures correct will always help.

Changing my driving style in the DCI can see me an extra 20 mpg