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PS3 Launch.

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Can someone please post up a link to anywhere that states the PS3 WONT be launched in the UK this year, and it will be March of 2007 or thereabouts? Some people I know are having none of it and claiming it will be November. Not link either, thats not fact.

Thanks :)


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Also, as per the news, it will be illegal to import them from China and the US.
Although it won't be illegal to bring them back to the UK if you visit Japan in person, the law is an arse!

It won't even be released in March 2007 here anyhow, I'm almost sure of that.
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What a load of s**t. I can't get my head around why they cant launch it in all regions simultaneously?
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thot lik-sang closed down cause of sony?

and whats gona stop sumone sending you it through ebay?