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PSN issues with ps4?

  Mini R56 JCW 211bhp
Got a PS4 from the missus yesterday and typically I forgot my password. Tried a number of times to get the reset email sent and every time it says it has but nothing arrives. Now I just get an error message. Even tried setting a new account up and having similar issues with that.

Anyone know if there's any current issues with it all?
  Mini R56 JCW 211bhp
Screen was just plain white. Tried reloading and nothing. Now it says an account has been created and when I try to login I get the same plain screen. No connection issues or broadband problems at all
  Seat Leon
Try a gmail email address as theres been problem s with otherd if not try doing it via laptop on SEN network mate


ClioSport Club Member
I bought some wireless headphones earlier and as soon as I set it up my network went down. Upon reading some reviews I thought it could be down to using the same frequency so I turned them off to find I was still unable to get online.
Bloody technology.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
If it's of any connection/meaning - the PS Store and PSN in general was up and down all over the Christmas break on my Vita.

Seems like a general issue?
  Punto HGT Abarth
Here's a good one. Watching Netflix the other night (pretty sure it was on the PS4), time for bed about midnight.

Noticed a load of random PayPal emails from about 3 hours earlier and shat my pants - all stuff bought on my PSN account. Assumed hacker so changed password, Enabled 2- factor verification, signed out of all devices.

Fired up the PS4 again, some stuff had downloaded so insta-deleted all that, stopped any downloads and checked the Store basket - 3 more games in there ready to be bought.

Rang them up armed with my console serial number etc. apparently all the purchases were flagged against my exact console. Luckily managed to get most of the money back up to now (2 x 12 month PSN subscriptions and The Last of Us 2) but the stuff that actually downloaded needs investigating further.

Hopefully they can actually tell me what's happened lol (and gimme my money back).
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
Hmm intresting. very worrying that like. Havn't been hearing much about hacks for such a long time, wonder if this sort of things happens here and there. Hope you get sorted and all your money back and tell you what's happening.