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pure poo

god damn my cups still in renault and the AA have given me a curtasy car???? God knows y i thought the dealer should provide one!!!

Jesus christ its a shed! one of them puntos with a girly button on the dash with city written on it! makes the power stearing lighter, one sharp movement roand the car nearly lls!!!

Anyone else had a sh*te curtasy mota??

coulda been worse, u coulda got no car at all, imagine if u had had that punto when it was all icy, bet the city button woulda been fun then! lol, my mate has a punto, and it feels wierd drivin with that city driving thingy ma jigity bob turned on

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Ive had a Siecento Sporting (went round corners on 2 wheels!!!)

A micra 1.1 S (i seriously did laugh whenever i drove it) i parked down the road from the pub one night, i was too embarresed!!!

Clio 1.2 8V (not bad little car)

My mums blagged an Audi TT, an S6 quattro and a 4motion Golf!!!!

When my Golf GTi got ill VW got me an Astra Comfort:cry:, yet when my girlfriend had her Fiesta 950 pinched she got a Punto GT with Abarth kit and sat-nav:confused:

I had my car taken back a week after buying it, i wanted a courtesy car but they couldnt afford the insurance as only 1.6s were available. They paid for my bus fair instead :(

when my pulsar was getting fixed i had a calibra (which i didnt like), the stereo place near me has a suzuki swift (which is actually quite fun)


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When the head gasket when on my valver I had a crappy 306 1.4 with about 200,000 on the clock. Was a right nail.

Quote: Originally posted by Fred2001Dynamic on 30 January 2003A micra 1.1 S (i seriously did laugh whenever i drove it) i parked down the road from the pub one night, i was too embarresed!!!

Ive had the same myself, in white, with colour coded bumpers. Nice!

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took my KLX650 in for a service at pidcocks in derby - told them I needed a loan bike, hoping for maybe a blade or a ninja.

Dropped my bike off, waited outside - mechanic wheeled round a CD250 an absolute dog commuter bike - spent the rest of the day thrashin it round a field - dropped it 100s of times - quick jetwash right as rain lol.



lol i had Typhoon moped 125cc!!! when i last to my hornet in for a service

what a laugh!! twist and goooooo!!

I had clio 1.2. I thought it was quite nice.The garage werent too impressed though when in my rush to work I drove into the petrol station next door to get some petrol, lifted the clutch far to quickly and drove into the pump stand and blew up the front tyre. Doh. Yes, I have got a licence! The look on the blokes face when I walked back and asked himto change the tyre was one I wont forget!

Tell me about it! There was a nice bang as the tyre blew and everyone in the petrol station turned round. I have never been so embarrased.

Had a few crappy ones, think a Corsa 1ltr 3cylinder thing was about the worst, or maybe the Punto Selecta!(variable auto box) it just sat a 5k all the time, took it back next day!

Zafira was a bit crap too, 1.8 and did about 20mpg, what a pile.

Best ever was as a sorry Renta Car gave me a 3ltr Omega Elite to go to london in, wow was that a nice change from the 1.3 F reg escort I was driving at the time, nice when work pays for them too :)
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Parents took their old Cinq Sporting for a service, and were given a brand new Alfa 145 as a courtesy car. Which was pretty cool.

Worst one weve had is a Pug 309 1.3 from the local Ford dealer lol.