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hi all

quick question has anyone tried selling their import 172,part-exchange ect

if so any stories, prices,problems,you know what i just considering it at the moment


Went into my local Honda dealership and enquired about part-ex against CTR - as soon as I said that mine was a import , the salesman practically said f**k off!


  Shiny red R32

I think that most car salesman would probably have that bad attitude towards imports, because they must have lost so many sales due to sensible people by-passing their dealerships and saving themselves some money!

Sour grapes :devilish:

Youd think theyd realise that and drop UK car prices, but no.....

The level of service that dealer I went to is really poor anyway.

Im going to try the ones in Bristol when Ive moved back down there next month.


  Shiny red R32

Why dont you see if you can find a good local independent garage who will value your custom and will look after you and your car. My three year RAC unlimited warranty states that I can use ANY VAT REGISTERED GARAGE for necessary work/service etc on my car, and it wont affect the warranty at all.


GR - think I confused you there, I was on about the level of customer service received from the Honda dealer when I went in to enquire about part-ex.

But I do know what you mean about using a good independent garage as opposed to franchised ones, which are generally very poor.


  Shiny red R32

Usually you can build up a good, friendly relationship with the local garage and often they will look at your car if you have a problem, sort out silly little problems without cost, and without telling you to book it in as dealers do. If dealers break off from what they are scheduled to do, to have a quick look at your car, it would upset their target for that day!

There was a feature about this on Top Gear last year. Basically they got a guy from an official dealership to admit that the only reason they wont offer you as much on an import is, like GR said, sour grapes.