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Quick Question: Changing Sub Boxes

Im of thinking of buying a smaller sub box for my subwoofer

would it have any affect on the sound the sub brings out?

my subwoofer is a 12" JBL
  Polo + Micra
should give it a tighter sound but won't be quite as loud

but you can normally shove a bit more power up it as the smaller box offers more control
  Ph1 track 172
how small were you thinking??

most subs are designed around a box capacity, go too far below that and it will start effecting the sound quality, should be tighter as said, but not as loud or as low.

have you thought of reverse mounting your sub in the new box to eliminate the cone displacement?? every little counts lol.
i think the new box i was thinking of getting is 14-15" not sure

but the one i currently got is quite big.. but i want to save space and weight in the boot
  Polo + Micra
the size will more than likely be measured in cu.ft (the internal volume)

i wouldn't go much smaller than about 0.7cu.ft
  Ph1 track 172
^^ as said,

if the box you have before was very big,
changing to a smaller one may sound a lot better! lol