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Quick sky+ Q

Over the last week or so my box has been losing signal on one of the tuners causing recordings to fail or not being able to view certain channels.

Checked the cables and they are fine. When I reset the box by unplugging the power then reconnecting it it works fine for a day or so then does the same again. Yesterday I did an lnb reset and I'll see if it fixes it.

If it doesn't, the next step is to do a software upgrade. Will doing this cause it to lose its settings/recordings as I've got a s**t load of stuff I need to watch.

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I think it will lose the recordings. Better try that than get a new box as you will definitely lose everything then. Have you got a dvd recorder you can record your programs onto?


phone sky, new box will be sent out asap....i have had three in a year. the newer white boxes are cakka...