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R,R calibration

  Leon Cupra

Just one quick question, the power results from the RR day yesterday compared with the results from the PowerStation RR day a few weeks back seem very high.
All the 172’s(think there were about 6) from the PowerStation RR day seemed to put out between 120-125bhp@ wheels and 160-165bhp@ flywheel where as the cars from the RR day yesterday all seem to put out between 130-150bhp@ wheels.
It might be just me but how can there be that much difference between these cars???
Could it be one of these RR’s might not be calibrated properly?
A difference in air temp(don’t think it would make that much difference).
Or maybe all us lot from the PowerStation RR day have dud cars (don’t think so, apart from me that is!! lol).
So I’m thinking that one of these RR’s hasn’t been calibrated properly.
Anyone here go to both of these RR days, think the V6 did what sort of difference are there between the results.
Defiantly something fishy going on here, what do you lot think??

  Skoda Fabia vRS

well Joe reckons the rollers at R.E are very accurate

also, we did have some normal (expected) 172 runs, with about 135 at the wheels on a few standards, but, what we did discover is that the power varies A LOT ! between all the 172s

you could get a good one, or one thats about 10bhp or more, less than another

most of the other figures seem fairly reasonable, it was only the 172s that were giving weird results, the rest were fine
  320d M Sport

Did anyone go to both meets though?
Would have been good to gets Matts (m@tthew) car on as his read 143@wheels at Cooper and West, shame his exhaust felt like letting go.....

  Leon Cupra

Might be wrong here but I think he got 212 at the flywheel at PowerStation, which is well down on what it should be(might be the fact that it wasn’t getting enough cool air because of where the air intakes are). Some weird umbers coming out here.

  Leon Cupra

I remember Dave(Outkast) saying at the PowerStation RR day that he was down, and there was someone that was 30bhp down on there last RR day. Don’t know who it was but it was defiantly some from Cliosport.