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R-Sport ECU

Well the new Cup ECU, do we like it or is it a load of SH*T?

I would really like to believe all the hype about this product, can someone tell me if its worth my hard earned dosh?


UH OH here we go again, personally from the previous posts it seems a waste of money. Cant remember but there was a guy with a cup that got another chip and it was running 172ATW (correct me if i am wrong).

Yeah the Dasteks are the best really but you keep warranty with the Rsport one. Thing is you cant re-map it for filters and that. I think it depends on how much you want to do to your car.

Well the it boils down to is the waranty...

All I really want to do to my Cup is IK, exhaust system, de cat and chip.


Phoned up reno today, they said "wot ecu ? we will only fit a standard one"

Wots all that about ? They said if they dont know about it it is not covered by the warranty and no new part exists so they want nothing to do with it.

They dont know anything..try phoning another branch nearby.

Scott i think if you want an IK and de cat you cant get the ECU from Rsport.