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R Sport Piss Take Upgrades Joke!

Spoke to R Sport today regarding the Cup upgrades. Spoke to someone who basically said that so far there only an ECU mod. He went on to say that the upgrades listed in the adverts were all wrong, that seats would never happen etc etc. I asked about suspension and he said that maybe in the future, but to be honest it might never happen. He leant towards later than never.

To be honest this in my opinion is a total piss take. I spoke afterwards to Ren UK customer services who didnt even know there was upgrades available for the Cup. She then told me what R Sport had said in a more politicially correct manner.

I think as a group we should do something about this. A letter to the leading motoring rags would not go ammiss. Anyway hope to here some ideas.

Cheers Tim O

Agreed. False advertising?

The fact that radbourne racing was asked to sort all this out, and for what, just an ECU?

I said nothing would ever come out, its nt a big deal.

The only advantage would be keepign the warrenty, which is probably what they are srgueing about with R sport. Renault the fatory arent the msot helpful people. Just forget about it, they wouldnt be any good anyway. Who want the same rollcage, air filter, exhaust, and pathetic little touches as everybody else anyway.

I mean, thye have to keep their cars reliable, so power increases are going to be minimal.

Just enjoy the car.......

not false advertising, they reserve the right to change anything without warning etc etc.....and you wont win against a big factory. no point.

Ben R totally disagree. 3 year warranty is very important. I chucked silly money away at my Mk1 because it was modded, when arguably the reapirs in the first year would have been done under warranty. Why advertise, when they are not going to do it. Christ in this months Evo I think it is ANdy Morgan with the cup who said the cant wait for the R Sport seats. The quality of the R Sport parts would have been good, look at the Workks Upgrade for the Cooper S, hours of tesing for durbality and quality, hence the late arrival and high price. This has been a major dissappointement. Piss take.

Hang on, Renault are notorious for changing their minds.

We saw it first when they said they would build only 150 Williams then when lots of people put orders in they built the Williams 2 (and then the 3).

Ive also heard some stories of people putting orders in for the Clio V6 as soon as it was revealed and were then told in a letter that they had ordered their cars with standard suspension settings and had to pay extra for the sports suspension.

Can anybody confirm these stories ?

V6 is not true......all the same.

As for the Mini works stuff, it is backed by a huge company like the BMW group!!!!

and they have more leverage, the joh n cooper works is a larger company, if anything, should you not blame R sport for being so damn slow and not knowing what they are making!!!

As for the mention in EVO....i have and will always say EVO is a joke mag, filled full with teasing exotoca and crap journalism and staffed by less than average drivers......bunch of rack apes.

Agree, 3 yr warrenty IS important, which is why they didnt bring out stuff, or are takign so long getting the parts not to affect the car in any way! they dont wanna have to shell out for new this and that due to the upgrades.

Damper....what damper! lol

Its Renault!!!! good cars, crap factory! lol

lol harsh on EVO again Ben, the guy only thought what we thought! I think you lovingly call them rock apes

I would of liked a rollcage and special seats :(

Can we just forget bickering and agree that as a group we need to get onto R spor tand find out the truth!

When is this ecu upgrade coming?

"As for the mention in EVO....i have and will always say EVO is a joke mag, filled full with teasing exotoca and crap journalism and staffed by less than average drivers......bunch of rack apes."


"A Huge company like the BMW group" - Whats Renault a small privately owned business?

Is this for real?

Its people who have this attitude that took the shine of the original Williams, the V6 and then the 172. Why just agree with Renault, why not do something about it.

At least there are a few people with the same opinon.

Tim O

Its people like you Ben who bring the whole damn system down!

Seriously, i agree with everyone, its a darn shame and renault are b******s but at the end of the day, does it really matter?

LOL.....i love the willy, and the V6 and have a

As for ren as a company......delve into the way they run things and they are bloody amatuers.......

I also work for renault so have learnt to live with their, admitted, incompetance. You wont get much out of Renault......we as a dealer can barely get the right orders shipped to us!

Yes, its for real, i know whats possible and whats not, and if i have to spend hrs and hrs on the phone argueing and law suits to get some facotry rollcages and ratehr go out and buy ones i like.

I dont take the shine off them, i know what they are capable of and how they point just talking from what i see, you see things is a different way, yet we are both like the CARS..

bring the system down.....its been down for a long time, and they are on their way up, but jeess guys, give them some time!

They just stared getting their cars up to scratch, and now provide the safest cars around!

it is a shame, but its more about a lack of planning. Try dealing with teh real Renault mater what, they dont wanna know! lol........great guys..haha

lol, probably a load of engineering boffins arent they.

Does HK have anymore special models other than Cups with A/C?

nope......we jsut getting th cup too!! bout bloody time! and were not allowed to call it the cup...eventhough it looks 100% the same...sheesh.

The whole point on the R-sport upgrades was that they would be Renault approved, and therefore unaffect the warranty. Oh and by the way I think Evo is the best mag out there!

I spoke to R-sports yesterday - they use the premises of the old Radbourne Racing team - and they have confirmed that they will be offering a Renault approved ECU upgrade, but that they are finalising details... They said to ring again by the end of this month.

If anybody wants to call them, the numbers 02085409991 and theyre wimbledon based.

Cheers, P
  320d M Sport

i think if Renaul;t said theyd make this stuff then they should, simple as. whether itll be worth the time or money i dunno, youll probably be better buying established makes- ie Sparco, Superchips etc. Could see why everyone is bit pissed off though.

Ive already voiced my opinions on this, it is crap. I feel like I was mis-sold the car...

Anyway my Cup is going for certain now, I am looking at elises (proper track car) this weekend and hopefully will be able to get shot of the thing ASAP.

It was the first and last Renault Ill ever buy.

And... I agree with most here, EVO is the best mag out there!


sorry.....but what does evo teach anybody???

not trying to start an arguement.....but its jsut like us talking if we drive a fast car.

Evo has some of the best articles I have ever read, you know a good magazine when you chuckle to yourself whilst reading. Pick up any Evo with an ECOTY feature and youll know what I mean. Also you need to look at some of the Evo driving features on the cover CD ROMs to see if those guys can drive.


i have seen them at bedord...(and a mate who is an instructor there laughs when you mention evo mag)....and they you call......

Le Rock Apes.....

i.e. they jump and press, and stab, and twist, and swivel....etc coordination at all. anybody can get the tail out for 1/2 a corner. and their pics....most of them will be taken just before they snap back violently.....nice.

As a publication though Ben it is fantastic, pictures are awesome, articles are written cleverly and with wit, its an entertaining read in my view.

I think anyone would be stupid to completely make their decisions on cars from what a car journalist says so it doesnt matter if theyre unskilled drivers.

Many people have written in with acclaim of their guide on driving well, i thought it was great, and they brought a pro in so you cant knock em!


i can knock them.....

but i wont knock the pro....

But what a jouro says affects alot of the population who done know better.

All their talk of feel, turn in, bite, progression, and crap....its like they ahve a std sheet, and fill in the blanks!!!

You like them, i dont........mags like Racecar Engineering, CCC (although its being overun by boy racer letters and CRAP about air filters and engine conversions), CHP, Practical classics, and everal hot rodding mags......not to mention mini (which can be vary gay)........i just dont find EVO entertaining in the least.

I get a bit cheesed off that every article must have the word Teutonic in it.

I dont buy magazines regularly any more. CCC and PGTi often have one small interesting article, but nowt else to keep you engaged. Practical Classics has to be the best Ive come across so far.

John Barker who writes for EVO formerly of Perfomance Car (another excellent magazine) is a proven driver, Im sure he used to race a 968 clubsport! Cant be that bad can he?

Listen, you dont have to wait for these upgrades - there goona be OMP or sparco anyway - they arent gonna develop new seats, roll cage, filters, brakes suspension just for the cup - they already exist for the cup rac series which started 2 years ago now - stop whining and come down to earth! Sparco seats, omp rollcage, green filter etc nothing new - is everyone expecting super dooper gold plated seats with 172 cup engraved in, just order the parts from demon tweeks motorsport catalogue! The only worthwhile thing is the ecu which will be ready start of june!

yeah but if they aint gonna happen - i have no choice - Our 1600s waranty was voided the day I got it 2 years ago this may and I aint ever needed the warranty anyway!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

I think Renault are pretty good with the warranty anyway. If you fit new seats and your engine blows up then they wont try anything funny. If your airbag light showed up though you may have to pay for the labour to fix it as seats and airbags are related.

I replaced every speaker and the head unit in my Cup and they said anything sound system related will not be covered by warranty, but nothing else would be affected in any way. I think thats fair enough.

If you wanted new seats I think the best thing to do would be to source the seats yourself and have Renault fit them for you. This way you stand the highest chance of keeping the rest of your warranty.