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R888r in the wet, on track

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Hi all,

So I have a track day on Monday at Bedford. Currently car is on 15a with R888r. I have some turini 16s with pilotsport tyres on but for various (boring reasons) I'm not sure im going to be able to take them with me.

Will rain make it a write off with r888r on track or can you still have a decent day in the wet with them?

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
OK thats helpful, I'm basically trying to work out if it rains and I can't take my other wheels is it still worth heading to Bedford for the track day, I guess even if I go slowly at least I'll get to learn the circuit


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As above. R888's are a road legal summer tyre so will be fine if it's a bit damp, but less so if there is standing water. Bedford can be slippery in the wet, but there is plenty of run off if you make a mistake.
If you get a chance, get some tuition. Previously I've had some great tips about where to find grip on a wet track, the instructor said that anywhere that rubber is laid on the track becomes really slippery in the wet as the water can't drain away so easily.


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A wet track is fine. Puddles are not ime.

Very much this, avoid big puddles.

Bedford in the wet with 888s is a right laugh though... :D



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Ive done Croft on r888r in torrential rain, bit lively but didnt die. Was not breaking any records but going fast enough to have fun.

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I have done Bedford many times on 888s and they will be fine to be honest take the wet line you will be one of the quickest out there very good grip but like said before avoid the big puddles. I will admit its lots of fun in the wet plenty of lift off oversteer if you want to i got the no drifting board at bedford a few times lol

Coops Mk1

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Did Donington in the pouring rain on original R888's and was still a right grip though, flol


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It'll teach you how to drive if anything.

Safe environment to do it at Bedford as well.

I wouldn't recommend it at somewhere like Oulton or Cadwell, if it was your first time 😅


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Just drive to the conditions and you'll be fine, it'll teach you car control to take into your next dry day. As mentioned take the wet line, as there's far more grip available. If not sure of the wet line YouTube a few videos on 'Bedford wet race'.