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Race of the century

  CTR EK9 turbo

At last, the race id been waiting for. After driving around for a while id had a few good ones, including one Skyline GTS (new style, two tone paint) 2.5 turbo (not the ultra fast GTR twin turbo) any after racing him several times weve decided that our cars are pretty much even. We took lots of video clips on my little DV cam of my experiences racing this guy and ill upload them soon. Off the line he cheats every time (goes on orange) and he is the nuttiest skyline driver ive ever seen. As he followed me around roundabouts it was like watching one of the Skyline Drift videos - this guy took *every* corner sideways! Our cars were even on acceleration so i was very pleased with that to say the least.

Anyway, the race of the century was this: a mk.2 172. Id previously raced this guy before but when he was 3 up and me 2 up, this time we were both 2 up. One of them consisted of an off the lights special and he got slightly better traction but i soon caught him and past him in third gear - perhaps he missed a gear?

The best race occured onto a large motorway. I lured this victim onto it up a slip road and i could see him understeering. He was virtually joined to my bumper and we were both off accelerating flat out. My friend with the camera had it pointed backwards and you can just watch his head lights get further and further away as i toast him. I couldnt believe it, i was just pulling away like a train - my third gear seems to be the most effective, but all in all he was quite badly toasted. Possibly the evidence of a slow Clio 160 or something? maybe this guy had bought a bad one. It was blue and number plate read R002 or something.

I really want to take my car quarter miling just to test the cars performance.

simon, was it u who was chasin that skyline last nite at guildford, i saw someone shoot up his ass at the a3 junction, at the lights near the travel inn, put a post in the meetings and events bit, under the phat one about guildford

  350z & 16v Maxi

Maybe it is the tiptonic that did it, but my boss has a GTS with a manual box with a filter and decat pipe only and it is fast as f**k. It blows my 16v away and my mates 172.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Just uploaded them to my bros laptop. When my friend gets his website sorted hell host them and ill post a link. Watch this space....... unfortunately theyre a bit dark...
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah it was probably me i was following him around for ages. He was snaking all over the place! he is trully a mad driver! I think his straight lining could be improved a lot - he tends to hit the limiter for ages even tho he has tiptronic - oh well, i still managed to keep up and it mustve looked quite impressive - a lil clio against that huge skyline! he had an exhaust - dont know what ever mods he had other than a mental driver!!!

My cam would probably work better in the daylight. Unfortunately all you can see is red lights and with the race against the 172 all you see is him understeering and his lights getting further away as i pull away. Well chuffed! vids are around 6-9 megs 11 megs is the longest.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Cool, id like to see it m8. The only bast!d about races in these conditions is getting the power down. Once the cams come online at 5000 rpm she spins like a wild monkey. I think i need some new eagle F1s - dead impressed with these tyres by the way, cant fault them in any way what so ever. Really really recommend them. Its the third set ive had, 1st being the michelins, then some bridgestone S03s that wore down dead quickly and these Goodyears have lasted AGES. Its on 24,000 miles and although theyre starting to let go a bit (especially not what you want to happen at *30 mph in lane 3 of a motorway heading towards a Focus panda car, but thats another story) Im going to have to take my car to micheldevers for a whole new set - may even get the rears changed while im there, should only cost about £200 for 4.......

I think if I was buying a 172 now, Id seriously think twice!! Purely for the fact that you cannot be garaunteed a decent one. Another guy in my town has a 172, I indirectly know him through a friend. My mate has been telling me that he is getting beat away by Cavvy GSis, Astra 2.2 SRis and the like. Now nobody can be that bad a driver. He also gets completely blown away by my mates c.200BHP Ibiza Cupra, however Im able to keep with him and slightly pull on him as we get to serious speeds!

Yeah but come on a Cav Gsi and Astra 2.2 that were running 16.5s at Crail!!! I could beat them in my dads TDi, no seriuosly!!!! It must be running seriously low on power!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I think the driver makes 60% or possibly more if unexperienced of the outcome of any race. This guy looked about my age, but looking at the way he took the roundabout (understeering dangerously onto the wrong side of the road) you could tell hes a take no prisoners racer.

Its 60% car, 40% driver as a rule of thumb. For a straight-line sprint the ratio tips in favour of the car; in a B-road tussle the ratio tips in favour of the driver.
  clio 20v

yep specially roads you know well, ive kept up with much faster cars in an astra van down the country roads to my g/f house simply cos i know the roads very well

in a straight line most people cant be that bad at getting off the line and changing gear its not rocket science
  CTR EK9 turbo

Although, when two cars are (hopefully) equally powered changing gears makes a lot of difference in race conditions. As soon as i get the vids uploaded onto this pc (doesnt like USB -old windows98!!) youll see just how far back i leave him, its embarrasing! well i would be if i was him.

Think about it though Simon. 2 cars that are supposedly the same perfornmance wise, sit beside each other 30, floor it in second your not going to blow him away by the distance you are stating, unless there is a power deficit!!

I know what youre saying teady, but I think most of the good car/bad car stuff everyone talks about on here is down to knowing when (and how) to change properly. Maybe Im wrong, but for there to honestly be that much of a power deficit for Simon to leave the other 172 (for example) would mean that the other one was made by chimpanzees from loo rolls and pritt stick... Theres surely no way that Renault could produce two engines on the same production line with such hugely different power outputs - it just wouldnt be possible with the tolerances allowed during the production process (yes, even Renault have tolerances! ;))

Perhaps the guy was using sh*t supermarket petrol or something - mine runs noticeably worse on sh*tty petrol...

What does anyone else think? Or am I talking out my arse again?!! :confused:



Ive had another story tonight from my brother, that this guy with a 172 cannot pull away from someone in a 2.0, 121 BHP MR2, there is no way that should happen.

I still think my first 172 was a complete dog!

I definitely agree that theres good and bad engines. Also, maybe some gearboxes lose more power than others, etc... If you get a bad combination you may be quite down on power. But even if you managed to get that super-unlucky car it still shouldnt get thoroughly destroyed by another 172. Surely?

Think about it - Simon roasts lots of other cars which are (on paper) quicker than a 172 (good on ya dude!!!) but hes already destroyed one gearbox in the process! (I think thats right) Maybe its just coincidence, but Craggy (who also used to regularly bat above his weight in the Williams) also developed a dodgy gearbox (I think), and if youve seen him shifting gears - it looks bl**dy brutal (and very quick!)

  CTR EK9 turbo

I aggree with your posts guys. I raced this guy before, but only on a short off the lights grand prix and left him then also - but he did have 2 passengers and i had only 1. He stopped at the next traffic lights and asked me what id done to my car (at this time i was running the group N ecu so wasnt really a fair test) and i told him about the ECU. I thought to myself surely the chip couldnt have made my car into a rocket(!!). Now the chip is sitting in my cupboard and had nothing to do with the victories.

I am very brutal with my gear changes, definately to the unfortunate demise of my gearbox and now the second one is on the way out :eek: - thats what warranties are for!! Full throttle gear changes are a definate must when youre racing -but- only if you can get them right. This means if you screw it up you get a very very loud CRUNCH that lasts for ages. Every time i change gear quickly it crunches into gear (only in my car by the way). If i drive in the same fashion in my dads golf 1.8T it NEVER crunches, ever. I dont think ive ever made it crunch once. I really really hate the gear box in my car actually, but only by luck do i get a successful gear change and this is what counts when you are in the midst of adrenaline and nearing the rev limiter. A lot of people wait for the limiter to cut in before changing gear when racing and this is another factor that loses you time (lots of time actually) because you are all in a fluster about winning or whatever and forget to change - ive done it so many times and lost a few races because of that.

One thing i am impressed with on my car is the clutch. Its also taken a fair old beating for 24,000+ miles and has never slipped on me - even during 3rd to 4th gear full throttle gear changes.

I do also admit that my car can have off days or moments when it just feels really sluggish. Possibly due to engine bay heat or ECU operating status(?) My car seems to "go" best when the fuel tank level is reading just above half full as was the case last night. After the race it was reading 1/4 of a tank!!

On this occaision i think id put my reasons for toasting into his poor driving. Judging by the way he took the exit to roundabouts and tight corners demonstrated that he possibly wasnt totally used to the car - or on the other hand it was an example of desperation in trying everything and anything to keep up? one of the vids (i think i mentioned it above?) shows him understeering into the wrong side of the road where a simple lift-off oversteer would have tucked the rear around and kept the front wheels in shape. Im not a good/experienced driver (only 22 driving since 17) but i think it helps to be totally used to the limits of your car, when i say this I mean every time i drive my car it gets a good thrashing and i always try to get it sideways or something similar. Its so nice to realise that when the car goes sideways or the back starts to overtake that your natural instinct is to steer slowly into it, even when youre not concentrating. A lot of crashes must be caused by people who are not used to their cars characteristics and therefore can not predict what their car will do. Of course no one can predict what would happen in a blow out at over 100 till its happened to you, but as they say experience is everything. Im not too sure about experience as in years and years, as i wouldnt want to see my dad giving it the toe around some tight twists for example. I think experience in your car, learning its every feature is the only way to be fully able to use its potential.

Totally agree about the track - after reading your last post Simon I have lost any respect for you - totally screwing the car all the time and risking the lives of other innocent people is not clever or cool - it is simple stupidity.

There is a time and a place for finding out the limits of your car - and a public road does not even appear in the equation.

Another reason why you beat most other cars might be that they are not prepared to risk their own or anyone elses lives.

The point to consider is the fact that a lot of A to B drivers wont understand what youre doing, and might panick around you which causes a dangerous environment. I dont think theres much wrong going fast on roads which you already know well with a low risk of pedestrians and traffic, i.e your favourite b-road but the mentality of anywhere and everywhere has to be thought about. The sad thing is people only learn when its too late.

Not having a go by the way Si, with such a powerful motor im sure its hard to resist, just think!