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Race With Golf VR6

About to leave the shell garage this afternoon after putting in a full tank of optimax, a Golf VR6 flys past, so naturally I give chase!

After I catch up, and he realises I want to play, he boots it, as we both start to get the wrong side of 100 playing down some country lanes(private country lanes of course!). We both slow down a bit as we fly past a bus (wide roads) at about 80. As he turns back in, i drop it into 4th & go straight past him and 4 other cars! He didnt even bother following!

I was pretty happy that I beat him, as I slowed down heading into a 30, and as I look in my mirror, who is caning it past the golf & the other cars! The fc:ukin rozzers in their T5 with the blues on!

At this point, me & my mate pretty much brick it as we both think where the fc:uk the copper came, how much hes seen, and how long my license is going on holiday! I slow down a little more to about 25 and the copper tucks in behind, then just as Im about to pull over he boots it past me without even looking at me!

How lucky am I???
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

U get 3 pionts for moving with the flow of traffic while some jammy git like you gets away with that! Makes me sick but well done!:devilish:
  H22A7 Accord Type R tryin to stay out their way just now.............had a few close calls lately lol!!!!!! nice one matey

nice one, i hadf a run in wid the police last week. i have green headlights which 1 copper thought ill pull him ova 4 that

i saw him do a U turn so i turned right into my side rd (luckily i was nearly home) and parked in my drive behind a 6ft fenceand turned my lights off-5 secs lata he sped past. felt gud lol

Ive done a few cheeky moves before, i usually take the next turning and park in someones drive, its worked twice. The first time was because i had my fogs on and i werent getting a 30 quid fine for that!

Its amazing how many private roads there are..

Thats 2 stupid acts of immature driving Ive read about today! On another timeline or alternate dimension ud probably be

A/ Dead

B/ Critically injured but ud survive, but the passengers drivers in the other cars are all dead

Oh well, judgeth not................

i agree with cupsize. 100+ down a country lane!! Only takes one mis judgment from either you onr another road user and its game over.
  190 BHP Willy 2

You didnt beat him!

He obviously has a bit of consideration and thinks of the consequences of driving like a tit. To be fair you wouldnt of stood a chance at the claimed speeds anyway. I know this for a fact as my sister has a vr6 and they pull like a train.

Keep driving that way and you and your valver are in for trouble!!

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I once raced what looked like a standard VR6, the one with BBS alloys as standard, and it was over a mile strait and it left me for dead after about 60....and a bird was driving lol:oops:

The VR6 is a car for the straight line sprint. Bags of torque from a 12v 2.8 (24v in the Highline special editions) and long gearing mean that it pulls just like a 16v does to 60 all the way to its 140mph top speed!

But the poor weight distribution from having that lump up front and the Mk3 Golfs not exactly legendary handling do not make it a complete hot hatch in the way a 16v/Willy/172/Cup are. Still, it wasnt designed for hot hatch glory - its a comfy crusier (even more so in Mk4 flavour).

Its peeps like you that have put my insurance upto 400 quid fully comp (with guaranteed no claim protection). Tut.

We all like to boyrace it about but at least try and have a little consideration. A girl I was shagging about 8 years back was killed on her horse down a lane, along with all his passengers.

Id still quite like to meet him.

Btw, youd only
  190 BHP Willy 2

My m8 has a pink vr6 supercharged with Nos which produces 450bhp. He was at trax last year at silverstone (about 12 sessions) out performing everything, even overtaking scoobys on corners. It doesnt take a lot to get one handling well!