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Racing blue-Which wax shouljd I buy for it?

  clio 172 cup
Ive seen all these waxes saying darker/lighter colours... etc Can anyone reccommend me a wax for a lovely finish on the rb?!

Thank you!
  Megane R26
What's your budget?

I used Zymol Glasur here on top of Lime Prime and it looked SUPERB:

Onyx or Nattys for me. Although to be fair, Dodo Blue Velvet came up well, but doesn't last long at all;


How much do we, or how much have we? Big difference of an order or five years worth of orders :S lol!
In that case, either Swissvax Onyx or Dodo Super Natural (only because Russ will get arsey about me not liking Dodo products ;)).

Save the rest for some decent wash/dry tools :)


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
Racing blue, like Lunar and White don't reap the benefits of a top end wax. Anything would suffice.
Carbon is OK, not a massive fan as seem to remember it being harder to use than Onyx and not lasting as long. But you're talking 12-18month since last use.

Raceglaze is not a product I have used fella. Worth asking Kev on that front or DW.
  Glanza V
i use blue velvet on my rb 197 and im realy impressed with it altho it is my first wax! and red mist to finish it off. am wanting to try a new wax tho sorry to spam but any gud upgrades from blue vevet JD?
As above lad, Onyx is a good upgrade. About 40 quid from Swissvax. Last well, great looks. My weapon of choice on most of my client's cars/my own.
  Glanza V
ah thanks mite sell the dodo juice and give that a bosh! my blue velvet is almost new so myt as well! any tips as what is best to be used with it ok with red mist etc what polishes?
Onyx is immense! I wouldn't buy into the whole different coloured waxes TBH. I tried a few of them and couldn't tell the difference
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Another vote for Onyx. Used to use it on my old Black 182 and it looked like a big puddle afterwards. Truly stunning reflections.

Smells nice too!
  Titanium 182
I used power boys Blue Natty paste wax along with some supernatural works a treat.

Same colour as racing blue is the Nattty paste stuff.
Poor boys. Leeroy, you know that they basically do the same thing? Just that Natty's lasts a shorted time than the Super Natural?

If you are using both together you are basically wasting a pot of Nattys. . .
  Titanium 182
I mean I have both of them lol

As well as 3 different lots of Dodo wax

Prefer the Natty but will give the super natural ago.

Also fancy some Zymol Carbon too
  Megane R26
For the record... ;)

I LOVE Onyx, but it never lasts amazingly well, and I wouldn't recommend Super Natural on RB anyway.

I'd go Swissvax Saphir or Zymol Glasur :)

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
RB is a flat colour. Iv found no matter what wax you use it looks the same. Hence why i stick to collonite 476... I'm a pikey yes BUT it does the job very well... Not very durable though IMO but can't complain for the price.
Eh? 476 is one of the most durable I have found! Usually use it on my wheels inside as it lasts, even against the heat!
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Aye, Boosh you're doing it wrong! 476 is epic for durability. TBH the finish isn't half bad either, just there's better.