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Rad Gone - Where best to buy from??

  Ph2 172 (black bean)
The rads got a leak so need to get a new one. Anybody got any hints on where's best to get one from for a 52 plate 172?

  ph1 172
Reconditioned radiater is cheapest option.
Google it . there will be someone in your local area.
  Golf GTD Mk7
You can get a new one for about 75quid. Do a search on here. Can't remember the webby at the mo.
  lift number 1 @ btm
I might still have a good one I don't need. If I have, you can have it if you pay the shipping or collect it from Fred's.
  Lionel Richie
i've got about 4, but condition "unknown"

i can get you a new one for later probably (not that expensive)
  172 Ph1/Scooby MY00
I paid about 60 in total, new. Ad... something or other from somewhere in the North. Can check receipt later for details.

Buy from Renault - funny joke!
  172 Ph1/Scooby MY00
Forgot to add - the fit is ok from these people but isn't 100%. I had no serious problem fitting it and it has worked great ever since. The problem is getting at all the screws (on a ph1) involving removal of bumper and cross member. If it leaks due to the fan housing wearing a groove then remember to cut off the offending plastic on the fan housing (they warp).
  lift number 1 @ btm
One of them should be the one from my car, which was fine.

You're mission, should you choose to accept it. Is to work out which one it was........