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Rage Flip paints


Just wondered what you lot think to the Rage flip paints? Do you think they are class or tacky?

I am seriously considering a flip re-spray. I like Blue to Red and Purple flips but these have been done tons of times befor. I am really interested in a Blue to Green to Champaign gold/yellow. What do you think it would look like on my valver!!

Let me know what you think,



i think you should do it,i read in a mag that the rage paint are dependent on the under coats and the amounts of coats applied, rage paints are not that expensive so the more coats applied the more it will flip. i was thinkinh of having one that flip 6 tones of yellow or even 6 tones of blue

just a thought



  Shiny red R32

Is this type of paint finish easy to match in the case of damage or scratched paintwork?
  Lionel Richie

I think they look mint, although you have to be careful about which one you go for, it can look crap - pinky flip valver anyone!!!!!

If it gets damaged your buggered. You cant touch the colour up and if you just do one pannel its a high chance it will be a different colour to the rest of the car.
I have these probs!
But yeah they look really nice, pricy to buy and to get some one to make a good job of spraying it is really hard!
Not like spraying a standard colout at all, thats why so many cars in these colours look really pattchy.


I think flips are soooooooo kewl. Pmitchell, can you say they are tack, our williams flip from light to dark blue through to purple?.

Still horses for courses...I like personally...go do it.

I think i am going to do it. I have found a top notch bodyshop who will do all the work and they are the bolloxs. They also are doing it at a good price as they have just started out. They have done 2 of my mates cars and the finish is amazing.

Its just deciding what colours to go for.

If I go for it, it could be off the road for the southend meet and maybe even donny south but will definatly be done by trax 2002.

Still keep your opinions coming.


Bodyshop said that accident damage aint a problem afterwards either. Might just be saying that to convince me though.

Im hoping after having all the bodywork and this sprayjob it will be a feature car in Revs or redline.

Someone mentioned earlier that it would look crap on a standard car. Well my motor aint standard and will have loads of mods but I am still keeping the standard bumpers (just having them adapted a little) What do u reckon.

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Make sure the bodywork is modified. Theres a standard Nissan Primera! near me with a green/orange flip. The quality of the paint is really good but because of the way the orange and green go with each other it just looks brown before the flip kicks in.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Renwill, thats not flip, thats just the metallic effect.

He asked for opinions so I gave one!

  Lionel Richie

Yeah, ive seen a micra in that same colour!!!! (would look good on any other car) The reason accidents aint a problem is cos theyll use an "off the shelf" flip ie "Pink passion" or "Orange Fury" so they wont have to mix up a special one off for you and then have trouble later on trying to match it again, theyll just order some of the same colour (same sort of thing with factory paint codes)


Yes opinion respected too....and there was I thinking the purple haze was a please you or someone else....whats the dif between a metallic that flips and a Rage flip ?.

Been to a few shows where the coulours are extreme flips, like from gold to blue and reds and they look gorgeous IMHO. But what is teh it the extremities or the way the paint is applied/mixed? .
  BMW 320d Sport

Some flips are mental - eg the one on a Honda at the last Southend meet - purple as it came towards you, the the whole thing changed to pink as it was alongside and orange as it went away.

Maybe thats too much though. I think if I was gonna go for a flip Id want something quite subtle - purple/blue/turquoise. Keeping the colours similar.

I remember when I was younger I bought matchbox cars that changed colour when they got hot/cold - thats what you want - JK !

Yeah Tony If I had that I could also have a matching t-shirt that changed colour to you body heat like I used to when I was about 10. They where the daddys wasnt they!!!


I really cant decide whether to go with it or not.

I keep changing my mind as it is hard to justify that sort of money on a k reg car.


ask tony, his car is k-reg too and i bet hes never looked back since doing it,but i see your point its a lot of money but if you intend to keep it for a while yet then why not


I too was considering a complete respray, not in flip paint but Nissan Skyline Blue, but the cost just aint worth it on a Clio, nothing aganst Clios but if you gonna fork out huge wards of cash a a respray get a mental car first; Skyline, Supra, RX-7, etc.

Just my 2ps worth,

Cheers, Simon.

I havent looked back, but i have spent too much on "just a old clio" coz thats what it is really. I do love it to bits but its a lot of money for a old car.
I think Kevins is a bit more extream too, recon he will be doning double what ive done on mine. Well should do atleast double going on prices of good jobs!
So if you can spar the money for a k reg clio do it. If not save it till you get a newer car that you would prefer to do it on.


I bottled it. On friday I booked it in but I have canceled it today.

I just couldnt decide so I thought it was better to not do it if I was not sure.

I might wait till I can afford it better and get it all done ready for nxt summmer. Then I have a good 9 months to sort out the parts.

The deal was:
Bad Boy bonnet,
Seat front splitter molded in.
bump strips removed and filled.
Rain Racks filled and welded over.
Side skirts fitted
Rear spoiler fitted.
Different handles fitted.
Rear bumber smothed in.

Then full respray in Rage flip paint with everything bodycolourd.

This job was going to be £1700. Not bad for the work thats involved.

I will be doning some bodywork before Donny South but just not all that.


That price is very good mate!
What handels were you getting?
Wouldnt advice getting the roof guttering filled either, would look really good but the roof just flexes too much. Wouldnt last 2 months.

Sounds nice tho. Oh well

What you got planned for it now?


It sounds bad but the handles where going to be vectra ones. They sit flush with the rest of the door and you can pick them up well cheap from a scrap yard etc.

I am just having a bad boy bonnet done and a rear spoiler fitted. Thats this month but each month i plan to have a new bit of bodywork done.


that price is VERY VERY good dude and i would snap em up on it

imo the rage paints are awesome, take alook at thier colour charts and honestly u can get something very subtle to totally mad. all look the bollox and ive seen 2 cars that are in type k styling with the flips and everyone who sees em spend ages walking round em