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**Rare Ideal Track Day Icon for you guys in search of a Trac

  CTR EK9 turbo

Heres my mates Peugeot 205 Rallye 1360cc. Hes selling the car and wants it to go to an enthusiasts home, possibly as a project for track days or for use as a second hand car. I know some of you have posted on this board looking for such a thing and thought it would be a good opportunity to tell yall. Its done 109,000 miles, body work is perfect and the only mod is a strut brace. Very light weight, so would respond well to any future upgrades? (106 gti lump bolts straight it or if captain slartys about, probably a Spitfire Merlin 27 litre V12 would fit) Here it is (yellow) toasting around some roads with its big bro (miami blue 205 gti 1.9). Both guys are my good friends and look after their cars like its their left testicle.

No problem, I did the same thing before and ended up with about 50 replies ! LOL !

The images are still broken for some reason ! It is going nuts !
  CTR EK9 turbo

Gol dang it. Why doesnt it work? the paths are correct etc. It worked on mine earlier. If you want to see the pics, go to and then go to "friends cars", then go to "Sam and Hugh". Thats if it works! grrr! sorry everyone!

Can you give me more details? How much does he want for it, what power does it have, how much does it weigh.....the usuals! Might be interested....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Rhys - I can give you his email address if you like: its Hes called Hugh. Not sure how much it weighs, but it is supposed to be light weight - so i wouldnt have thought very much. Its got the 1360cc TU series engine, like the one in the AX GT and 205 XS. I think it has something like 80 bhp, but because it doesnt weigh anything responds well to upgrades if thats what you would plan to do to it. Its got an immobiliser. Urrrm. Best if you email my friend and he can tell you all about it. His email is

106 rallyes come with 100bhp, mk2s come with 103, so do the mK2 1.6s, but they have more torque....1.4 is better, can rev the tits off it.

And 130bhp is not too hard with a set of twin 40" and some decent head work.
  CTR EK9 turbo

With 130 bhp that thing would fly! He was going to put in a 106 Gti engine and was quoted £1500 to have it done by (gritting my teeth) Pug Performance. Their chicken hut is just down the road from us so thats why he got a quote from there..

near ropley? and alton?

i got my N20 kit from houghs & sons, they do the pug performance bodywork! a barn!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh right, that sounds like the same place. Theyre all in barns. Where abouts in Hampshire are you based when you are in uk?

nah, i was stayin there with a mate for a while...and just ended up there lookin whilst my mate got his MK1 gti tunned....

then i saw N20!!! ahhh.....

when you drive in, their hhouse on teh left, barn with TVR 7 in it....then garage w/rr on the left and a big dusty car park with loads of sh*t motors?

Hi Si, Hi everyone else.
Im Hugh the owner of this 205 Rallye you are all talking about. I have found a really nice original Golf Gti 16v MKII which I would like so I am thinking of getting rid of my rallye sl*g to a loving home. I am not 100% when and if i am selling it yet but if any of you are intertested and want to ask questions i will be as honest as I can about it. feel free to email me on I am doing a work placement at a Peugeot Garage at the moment so i can get things replaced and fixed - whatever parts a potential new owner wants, at a cheaper rate than would be normally charged. PS this is the most friendly/busy/useful/interesting car forum i have visited, it makes such a change to other similar sites i have had the misfortune of visiting.

I was interested, but Im afraid Ive found myself a 1.9 GTi very close to home and bought that. Good luck with selling it,

  silver valver/hybrid

si, just read your first post about the merlin 27 litre v 12, i know a guy who has one in an old bently! tops out at 170mph
  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh dear! everyones doing it. I saw that kit car on top gear once that had a bonnet longer than the length of my car! 800+bhp or something. 8 "zorsts", and it visited the Guildford cruise a few years back! Sounds like an absolute monster - im not sure how it was road legal, but it did chuck out LOADS of blue smoke.

No probs Rhys, those 1.9s fly. And with a few good mods (Ported/Polished/balanced/lightened) they fly... The miami blue one in the Above? pics is my friends one (pre-cat) it has had the engine work done and now it is run in it really shifts!! Have fun in yours and welcome to the world of the 205.

Rallye boy - no, I wanted the blue one, but I couldnt pass up the one that I went to look at yesterday and that was red. Cant wait to pick it up


Cool, they are phenomenal cars considering the age. They rattle but their bodywork is amazing due to the galvanising process that the 205 had in the factory. You dont need me to tell you how many mods you can do to these cars (although standard always looks and goes best) there is the Mi16 conversion of course which by my very limited knowledge would bring it into 170 or 180 bhp/ton territory, whatever the boring stats, it would be a good 172 slipstream chaser. The Rallye is still available if anyone is looking for a different/cheap runaround. eg my insurance TPFT for a 20 year old on this medium warm hatch was £650 last year..which isnt bad considering it gives the vtr boys a run for their money oh, and a 1.9 on the way home from guildford, si172 was co pilot that nice ask him how we overtook him and another 205gti up a sliproad / on the A3....

Hi Rhys, yep its saving miles on the 172 prior to selling it (hopefully) or trading it in then will be saving miles on the cup so I can keep it for quite a few years instead of 18 months.

  CTR EK9 turbo

Wo-el, yknow it was a good bit of action for the rallye that evening. Im still stuck in the courtesy boat and have been told that the gear box wont be delivered until later next week! Most people would be quite happy with a nice new courtesy car, but im getting so frustrated with the performance of the damn thing that itd be quicker to walk! grrr.