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Rattling noise

Hi, my 172 has got 750 miles on it. I gave it a bit of a seeing to tonight reaching the rev limiter once or twice.
On reaching home shortly after I noticed a rattling noise which sounded as if it was coming from the exhaust somewhere beneath the driver seat. I had a quick feel of the exhaust but couldnt feel anything loose.
I wont have done any damage will I?. It was warmed up and I only ragged it for a couple of minutes.
Any one else have any rattles after telling it off?

It sounds like the sound of the exhaust cooling down ? Hot metal expanding and contracting, almost like a ticking noise ? If this sounds right then it is nothing to worry about.

You should not be bouncing your new car off the limiter when its barely run in (750 miles you said), I know the manufacturers recommend 500 miles but, you should wait a wee while yet IMHO

Alex M