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RB 182 112k


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  RB 182
What’s everyone’s opinion on this, looks pretty shagged all around, is it overpriced, or is that the sort of money RBs are starting to fetch these at the moment even in that condition?
I suppose the only way to know is to see if it sells and what for.
HT04 KJX for reference.



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Yeah that's definatly had its head kicked in on track. Probay £1k - £1500 over priced as it is imo. If you're gonna be screwed by RB tax at least do it on a good one.


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Spent £1300 on what lol? Why the f**k is it on 172 wheels, they're just ugly.
I'd look elsewhere and wait for a better example.


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Probs 15"s for the better tyre options for track use.

Not sure why you'd sell it with them s**t wheels on tho, just sling the originals back on.