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Rear bumper

Is it just me or would the back of the 172 sport look a lot nicer if it had a rear bumper more like the one on the V6 ???

In fact, does such a thing exist ?? I like the front (and to be honest, the rest of the car a I am looking to get one to replace my Highline!!!!) but the back, in my opinion doesnt look as good as it could ?!

20 mins on a cross trainer should sort it!
you sure your ready for frenchness?
have you been toasted by a 172?

I just want a change really...

Ive had the VR6 for 2 years now and Ive put a lot of miles on it (well, more than I wanted!!)

Ive always liked the 172 sport but now I can actually afford to buy one outright unlike some of the other cars I have been looking at !!!

and no, I havent been toasted by one.. or for that matter anything since Ive had the VR6 except a couple of motorbikes....maybe ive been lucky !!

i know at least one person on here has had it fitted, i cant remeber who though, i think its a prima job,

sorry i cant help more,
  Silver Fabia vRS

Its Elia/Prima who make the rear bumper like a V6 and I think it is the RS-R kit. If you got to the 172 gallery and look for Maurits Maass (about 9 from the top) 172 he has it on his. Personally I think it is a bit too square but each to their own; some people will probably hate my pics!
  BMW 320d Sport

Wyatts got the RSR rear bumper. Steve Miles has got a Trophy kitted Clio as well but Ive not seen it yet. He should be at the Southend meet.


so who actually sells these then ?? Do they have a website / phone number / catalogue.. and where are they etc.

weve fitted 4 here (but one idiot wrote his off!!) and there ok, quality is a bit poop....and the exhaust system aint so good for power.

but we charge $20,229 OR NER 2000 QUID!

BUT THATS BEFORE I ARRIVED! im marking it down to just over 10 grand to sell of the rest of the kits.