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Rear End Leaking big time..Help Please!

  PH2 172
hi all, wonder if anyone can help, my 172 is leaking from what seems to be thge area behind the drivers side rear light.

From taking it apart and looking at it the water seems to be coming in from what looks like the arch, behind a piece of now sopping wet foam?

The photo above shows the water leaking down into the spare wheel well..

The light seal itself looks intact and pretty new, and doesnt seem to be leaking, it does seem to be coming from the area behind the arch skin itself?


As you can see, the foam that i have pulled through the gap between the rear light hout and the wheel arch is pretty wet, and if you look down towards the floor from directly above you can see evidence of dirty/muddy water, problem is its quite hard to get a picture.

Anyone have any idea where this water could be coming from? Surley water cant just spray up from the wheel arch almost directly into the boot?!
  white 172
there are small black rubber gromits next to the light unit itself pop them out cover them in sealer or silicon and stick them back in.

or seal round your tailgate hinges.

you should be able to trace the water to the source of the leak