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Rear Pads odd

I fitted some new pads to the rear of my 16v about 6,000 miles ago and i noticed on saturday that they are already over 2/3rds worn, i didnt expect them to wear hardly at all, and they are only cheapy pads, but it seems alarmingly fast, but when the cars is jacked up the rear wheels spin freely, how long have others found them to last?

  172 & LCR

Has the car been lowered because if it has the load sensor on the back axle will need adjusting or the rears will be doing to much work.

no its all totaly standard, but the more i think about it perhaps the bias has been adjusted for some reason befor i had it, but as far as i know its been standard all its life, also when i took the old pads off they hadnt bee doing much because the discs were only worn a tiny bit the rest were rusty, i do alot of heavy breaking but it seems way over the top to me,