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Rear Seat Not Locking

One of the rear seats isn't locking back into place after I had them down for a journey. Even if I manually move the mechanism into the locked position it just pings back and doesn't lock. Looking at the springs, when I press the button only the rod with the smaller spring on it moves. The lock and the larger spring don't even flinch! Whereas on the other seat that's working when you press the button with the seat already down the whole mechanism moves a tiny bit.

Has anyone experienced this and got a solution at all? I've had a search but can only find one small thread, there was a solution there from MT Audio but following that as best I could, it didn't get me anywhere. Or if I've missed a fix somewhere it would be great if I could be pointed in the right direction.

Solved. Locked back into place with a lot of wiggling and manually moving the mech. I don't think I'll be putting the seats down any time soon again tho!!