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Reccomend me a Camera

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Hi Guys and Girls,

I’m looking to buy a decent camera (dslr i believe?) to take some stills for my car, not looking for anything super fancy, and only looking to spend £100-150ish, I know its hardly anything and these things can cost loads but not looking to go crazy. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Or get yourself a cheap bridge camera ... much of the controllability of a DSLR, and many people won't notice the difference in fidelity at internet resolutions if used properly.
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You need to consider Bridge cameras - most of the functionality of a DSLR without the cost of changing lenses.

I can recommend a Fuji S6500fd, or there's the model up from that as well, the S9600. Both should be around the £100-150 mark now as they've been discontinued for a while and you will be buying old stock.



Think the s6500fd will be a good start as it's a bit cheaper, and I also find the controls intuitive to use (and you can do them all with one hand, unlike the DSLRs!)

EDIT: Some pics from a S6500fd, if it's any help in deciding :)
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if you can stretch your budget a bit you can buy my canon 10d off me, although its older technology it is a high amateur / semi pro model and therefore retailed over £1250 when new. whereas the 450d range etc where all built to a budget as they were only £400 new. The build quality is fantastic as it has a magnesium body rather than a plastic one and even though its older i can still get good shots from it. im just looking to uprgrade.

example pics can be found here of BTTC

and Motorbike racing here

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if i decide to sell mine it would be £200 body only, £250 with offical Canon battery grip (and spare battery) or Tokina 28-105 lens (worth £100) or £280 with both the grip and lens. Plus £15 postage for next day delivery.

Would come boxed with leads, charger etc. Even though its 4 years old it looks barely used to be honest with you.

Might keep it as a back up though as its still a good piece of kit
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6.3 but its not just about the megapixel, it makes a big difference if you shoot raw as none of the data is thrown away by the camera like in jpeg mode. Also lenses are the most important factor. Whats the point in having 25mp if you have crap glass in front of it. As for enlarging it will do A2 prints no problem, obviously the lower the iso etc it was shot on the less grain. for my final year exhibition i had some prints done on canvas box mounts they were between A2 and A3 and they looked awesome