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Recommend me a sealant...

So my mother in law has just picked up a brand new fiat 500L trekking and would like me to give it a going over and protect it, so I am looking for a new sealant.
i won't get chance for regular top ups, so my requirements are this;
- 6 months durability ideally
- decent protection
- doesn't require too much maintenance
- looks are a bonus
my original plan was CQUK, but I don't currently have a machine polisher and don't see the point in wasting it on anything less than perfect paint. (Some suggestions of a wheel sealant would be good too)
I've been looking at wolfs hard body but seem to get mixed reviews. So, what would you recommend?
Hi there Ryan,

Have you considered our Paint Sealant, Tough Coat.

Tough Coat is an easy to apply spray on Paint Sealant. If layered from the outset (two to three layers) you will see up to six months durability. It helps reflectivity on lighter colour cars also so also looks great.

Heres a link to Tough Coat:

Any other questions let me know.

  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
FK1000p? As its a high temp sealant it will work for both your wheels and paint
Gives an almost glassy look to silver cars but doesn't give much flake "pop", seems to last 6 months plus for me, although i don't do many miles
  CursedTitanium 182FF
[h=1]SONAX Premium Class Nano Paint Coating[/h]
  mk2ph1 rsi 106rallye
put c2v3 on mine jan and is still going strong with no topups . reload didnt last very long.
  mk2ph1 rsi 106rallye
did 1/2 car with reload and 1/2 with c2v3 same prep and application one after the other reload wouldnt bead after a month still sheeted abit.