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Remap after de-cat

  Ph 1 172
yes i would say so my car and quite a few others on here got s flat spot on the rev range mine was at about 4k rpm when fitting my decat. I would definatly get a remap im saving at the moment.


ClioSport Club Member
  CBR1000RR Fireblade
if its anything like a supersprint its raspy as hell when de catted (in a good way though)
  Megane RS 250
Powersprint IS NOT a sister firm. They were our distributor, then they copied our systems and now they sell cheap copies made in China. No TUV approval and I can assure you the quality is not the same.


ClioSport Club Member
  CBR1000RR Fireblade

and thats how it is!

i didnt know that Gardus, cheers for the info
  clio sport 172
My friend ordered for his escort cosworth couple years ago powersprints complete race system - 1.5 mm thick material, completely no rust, sound excellent!
  Megane RS 250
I'm not sure about what they sold a few years ago, but what they sell now...well you can test them yourself.
Quality issue aside, I find what they did was very untehical, they just based all of their products on our designs. Obviously they can make them cheaper as they don't have any R&D cost, and they don't do TUV testing (as you can see in their website, they talk about european homologation, not germany E1, much more strict on noise levels). The cats are a lot cheaper than the HJS we use.
  clio sport 172
i don't need a TUV testing...and about the quality i talked with some guys on german and swiss cliosport forums who have them and they are really satisfied.
Two of them use this system on their track clios.
On many german forums you can read ONLY postive expiriences with powersprint (polo cup, scirocco, bwm, wv gti, focus rs) considernig quality and gain.
And the sound :
gti mk1
vento vr6
clio 16v
bmw z4
pug 106 rally