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Remove the sub. Keep 6x9s upgrade all other speakers?

Thinking of getting rid of the sub as it takes up a lot of boot space and weighs a fair bit. Got 6x9s that I will keep. If I upgrade all the smaller speakers with some better quality speakers, what sort of sound will I get?? Anyone else just got this set up??
6x9s staying as I don't want holes in parcel shelf unless I find another one. Cheers for your input though
I'd sack the 6x9's off tbh as they will only be drowned out by the sub. Most folk only run 6x9's if they want a bit of bass, but no sub.

So basically i'd keep the sub & get rid of the 6X9's.
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I had a similar decision to make when I bought my 172 cup.

I had a JL W7 sub from my previous car (less than 12 months old) which sounded fantastic!

I really didn't want the weight in the boot of the cup though, so instead I'm compromising and uprating the front components and rear coax's to pretty high-end replacements (running from 2 amplifiers) :D
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bin the 6x9s, they're a pointless speaker, especially in the back. best thing you can do is amped components in the front and a quality sub.
Like said get some good speakers all round and amp them.

Ditch the 6x9s if you can. Ive got 6x9s, But nor can i afford to, Or be bothered to ditch them. They do the job for me :)