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Removing inlet plenum- PH1

  120d M Sport

Seen plenty of guides on here for removal of the inlet plenum, all of which however appear to be for a PH2.

I've hit a bit of an obstacle in the form of the throttle on the PH1, how is that removed so as the plenum can be taken off?

Pics would be good if anyone can.


  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
You can take the plenum off with the throttle still attached if you are just changing plugs

or if you want it right off to powder coat it then just undo the throttle body from the plenum and then the throttle cable etc can still stay connect to it.
  120d M Sport
Cheers! Removed them, but the throttle body is not coming away from the plenum :(

Thought this was meant to be easy, too many people on here have said "piece of piss anyone can do it"


ClioSport Club Member
Should be 4 torx bolts, that's all.

Maybe the previous owner removed it, didn't have a gasket and instead used sealant. Maybe try sliding a Stanley blade between the 2?
  120d M Sport
Not coming off for love nor money, seems to be bonded on.

f***s SAKE! Could smash every panel in at the moment, 'simple' job turns into a ballache as per