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Removing paint from plastic..

  Iceberg Ph1
Hey guys just a quick one.. I am wanting to know the best product thats I could probably get from Halfrauds or some other place i.e B&Q or Homebase, that I can safely use to strip paint off of plastic?

Pretty simple one that haha.. Thanks all!
  Golf GTD Mk7
can you elaborate mate? where is the plastic, is it smooth or textured? what type of paint?
  Iceberg Ph1
Lol ok sorry I didn't realise there was more to it :eek:

Got some Ph2 bullets which where badly painted and basically need them back to how they where to redo the job.

Should clarify that a bit mate
  Titanium 182
Oh right sorry, can't think of a product that will do it personally but I'm not exactly experienced in the field of paint stripping :rasp:
  Iceberg Ph1
Haha.. Darn.. Well I guess some more sanding won't harm! I must of gone through about 10 sheets of each 250 - 1500 grit in the past month!
Cheers for your help mate