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Removing tree sap?

Okay someone give me some advice. I'll keep it quick. Detailed the car yesterday, washed, lime primed and hard waxed with dodo White diamond. Car looked spanking but made the vital error of leaving it on the drive for a could hours whilst I did the wheels and other details.

When I got it back in the garage I noticed little specs of tree sap all over the bodywork and windows, always happens on my street but forgot :(

What's the best way to get this off without disturbing the glossy wax coating? Speed detailing or another gentle sponge down?
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Had exactly the same issue Saturday, a good QD spray and a soft MF colth should lift it provided it hasn't affected the bonding of your wax. ie it was dropping contaminants as you laid your wax or as it cured. If it has been left some time then give it a quick wash first as this may remove the worst before wiping it down.

Just don't leave it to long and allow it to bond.
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I get tree sap all the time on my car due to were I live and every time a good cloth and very cold water removed this, This has no affect on the wax I have been applying (doddo juice)


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Usually pressure washer will get it off anyway...does for me. If not you've not got a decent enough wax under it :D
The last thing I want to do is pressure wash it as the finish on the car at the moment is spotless. I don't really want to touch it at all lol.

I'll try some speed detailed this evening and hope it gets the worst of it off.
Wash it and dry it as you would normally. If it has been removed, then go over with a decent top up spray/QD. If it hasn't, you'll have to clay, polish and seal it again I'm afraid, but I'd be surprised...