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Renault HU question - amp

I have the standard cassette HU with cd changer in my 172...

can i attach a seperate amp to the unit to power the uprated speakers ive installed?
  Megane R26

You can, but you would have to either use high inputs off the amp (ie using the hus speakers input cables) or you can buy an RCA to high input convertor (use RCAs from the amp to the convertor then to the HU speaker inputs).
  Megane R26

I dont think so, quality may not be completley up there, ie not as good as using a straight thru RCA, but still good nether the less. But I would say just change the standard HU. Can pick em up quite cheap now, MP3 ones too sub £100.

i wanna keep the standard cd changer tho...

thanks for the help... ill speak to my ICE shop and see what he has :)