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  1. C

    What Spark Plugs for a 2010 Mk3 Renault Clio 1.2 16V 75hp Eco2?

    Hi, I'm new to posting on here but I recently bought a 2010 Renault Clio Mk3 1.2 16V 75hp Eco2, and I'm trying to find the right spark plugs for it, but the spark plug recommendations change completely on the petrol 1.2 16v 75hp vs the "ethanol" 1.2 16v 75hp engine on websites, so I'm wondering...
  2. S

    2014 Clio mk4 1.2T Auto rattle under load after getting hot

    Hi Everyone I have a Clio mk4 1.2 auto, I can't seem to find the noise nor can the garage ( who had the car for almost a month). This is a rattle ( similar to how gears would chatter or try to engage or similarto a rear wheel drive universals on a drive shaft when they are about to go), it...
  3. S

    Renault clio sport 182 with both cup packages

    I suppose it's my own fault for letting idiot's work on my car but I seem to have a missing bolt if anyone can help me out?
  4. N

    2016 Clio (1.2T) rattle under load

    Hey guys! New member coming in with a question about a noise in a Renault I have been checking out.. The vehicle is a 2016 Renault Clio Expression+, automatic, with the 1.2T engine. I’ve just looked it over and it’s been fully serviced since it’s purchase, 1 owner since new, but when I drive...
  5. sam55

    The Clio's come a long way... My Clio E-Tech review

    I've been driving the hybrid Renault Clio E-Tech for a new review, and I must say, it doesn't half go alright. Nippy, great riding and decent to look at, it feels like a proper city baguette that can easily handle life on the motorway. Would I take it over a Fiesta mHEV? Probably not, but only...
  6. I

    Renault Clio 3 Grand Tour issues with cruise control and windshield wipers

    Hey y'all, First post - I was curious if anyone is familiar with any of these problems and knows a possible fix. There are 2 problems with my 'new' car: Renault Clio Grand Tour from 2008. The windshield wipers sometimes don't work after using it on 2 (fastest setting) until I turn the cars'...
  7. A

    Where to find F4A Main Bearings

    Does anyone know where to find main bearings for a F4A engine? I ordered the F4R bearings from ACL and didn't realize there was a difference until they arrived. Here's a photo of the F4A bearings. Notice the notch is in the center on both ends. I made out the part number to be 7711162510 which...
  8. thatflookguy

    ThatFlookGuys Clio 172 Cup Restoration

    I've been into small fast Renaults for years now; my first time was in Adey's first Renault 5 GT Turbo back in 2003, and I spent many evenings out in it chasing Escort RS Turbos and going to various RTOC days. I will always remember the excitement coming from Adey when this exact car made 201...
  9. S

    K4M project daily

    Hello everyone, new guy in the forum and to the clio scene coming from croatia. I own a ph1 clio k4m 1.6 16v dynamic, completley stock except oz superturismo 16" wheels that i got with the car when i bought it. The car looks stupid with stock suspension and those rims and also it is very soft...
  10. R


    Hi all, iv just bought a 182 and must say I have no regrets such a fun french tin shed, I’m not shy to the fence hot hatch life iv previously owned, Peugeot 106 XSI and 106 GTI also had a 2000plate clio RSI, my last car was a Audi S6 4.2l V8 a totally different league of car but I could not wait...
  11. B

    Why the interior lights dont work?

    I have a Clio mk4 and my trunk light was the original halogen bulb but I didnt like it so I bought 5w5 led and I was trying to put it to the socket. I plugged in the connector but the bulb went off a little, and I was sooo dumb and I was trying to put back the bulb with a flathead scrwedriver...
  12. mtph1pb_001


    Work car park things
  13. G

    Renault Clio 4 fuel consumption unit change.

    Hello there, I would like to ask you guys that, is it somehow possible to change fuel consumption units? Originally its shows km/l but i would like to change it to l/100km. Thank you very much and Happy Christmas. Gabor
  14. R

    Renault Clio mk3 p2 (2011) left wheel offset and pitched back

    Hi All, After losing control on a slippery road I managed to hit the nearside (passenger side) on a large wooden fence post, there was a large amount of cosmetic damage however my one fear and worry is my left (passenger) wheel. The wheel is now significantly pushed back (just misses hitting the...
  15. B

    Clio Mk3 washer jet not working

    Hi So a my washers seem to have stopped working. I've filled them up and no luck. When I pull back the stalk a little comes out of the right one, but not enough to reach the screen and nothing out of the left. I can hear the motor, one thing that is strange, if i twist the stalk for it to wash...
  16. Ajcman

    Clio 200 Jerking

    Hey guys, wondering if you could help me out here. I pulled up to a junction in 2nd gear and was nothing there so I didn't come to a stop and carried on in 2nd gear but as i came out the junction and put a bit of rev on, the car just started to jerk horribly for a few seconds rocking me back...
  17. G

    OMP Seat Sliders

    Hi, Recently I have bought and fitted some OMP seats / subframes and fitted them to my clio 172. The only issue is that the driver seat is far too close for me (I'm 6'3). If I bought the OMP sliders would this allow the seat to go further back, or is the position they are in just now the...
  18. N

    clio dci 100 turbo help

    couple of things, looking at making the turbo coo... now ive been told the actuator is electronic? can anyone confirm? also would i be able to change the wastegate to a performance one to make it coo? also has anyone put a hybrid turbo on a 100? been told the fuel pump cant handle it, so would...
  19. W

    Renault Clio Mk. 1 (phase 3) bumper conversion

    Currently own a Clio mk1 phase 3 RL Paris, and really not a fan of the grey plastic bumpers on the front and back. Found some bumpers (front and rear) from another Clio online, saying it'll fit 94-98 Clio's. Will it fit? Or is there a huge difference between the two? (ie, mine being a phase 3...
  20. J

    Mk 3 Clio reverse lights not working - switch and fuses fine but unconnected cable in engine bay?

    So my MK3 Clio (57 plate) reverse lights aren't working and we've checked the fuses, the switch (changed in the last week anyway) and found nothing except this weird loose cable. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Or how to fix the lights if unrelated. Also the rear left light cluster has...
  21. N

    clio dci 100 glow plug light help!

    basically, ive got a small problem which when i boot it on the motorway get the 75-80 thr glow plug light comes on, then if i lift off a sec the light goes out then i can floor it again and itll goto whatever speed i want it too, when the light comes on it lacks power.. its really annoying as...
  22. rupes1351

    First Clio Renaultsport 172 - work and costs so far... (R33 UPE, FD52 KHH)

    So after putting 20,000 miles on my Megane GT 150 DCI (07 plate) in just 8 months I decided I would like something a little more sporty to drive. Previously had Polo GTi (Mk3, 1.8 150Bhp) and Ford Focus St 225 which were both great cars although too many electronic barriers kicked in when...
  23. LukeSi

    Luke's 172 Cup Track Car (And also daily because I can't afford a daily)

    Only just realised I've never done a build thread for my current 172 Cup so thought it would be rude not to. Had one back in 2014 which was actually quite a nail so ended up selling it on. Since then I've had an MR2 Turbo and a Skoda Fabia VRS which became my only car when the MR2 blew up. I...
  24. L99LDO

    Project Clio 1.2

    New to this all... so apologies in advanced if i put anything in the wrong place, no pun intended ;) Looking to colour code the black trim pieces of my Clio, does anyone know what colour it would be? The label has rubbed off. :( Included some pictures to help..
  25. MrBlonde

    Omp centre badge

    Can anyone or does anyone know of someone that can make a centre badge for my omp steering wheel please?.im after a Renault diamond one.
  26. crfjake

    NR05 *** Silver 182 Streetly

    Around 6:30 this evening, saw you buzzing around the island for the shell garage. You came down the queslett road and then off up the Chester road. Anyone on here? Car looked smart.
  27. crfjake

    Clio v6 being broken

    :tired: Such a shame to see another one of these taken off the road for good
  28. E

    Clio 200 4th gear crunch misery... RUK help?

    Hey chaps, appreciate people are probably sick of seeing posts on this issue but I would be grateful for any help / advice.. I've had my Clio 200 at the dealer and it's confirmed 4th gear synchro problems as is always the case.. According to RUK because it is 'not a known/common issue' they...
  29. F

    Help Required Locking Faults

    Well hello dear readers, I have a minor fault with the car as when I manually lock my Renault Clio 02 plate 1.2 only one of the door actually locks while the passanger's won't. i'm not really sure if its due to the battery or any other reasons as if anyone here knows please share your opinion.
  30. C

    What's the best way to gain BHP

    Hello i have a Renault Clio 2000 plate mk2 1.4 16v. Just wondering what's the best way to gain BHP without sticking a turbo or supercharger on it. Would like to gain 50 + if possible just need a kick in right direction