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Renault Manchester - any good

Has anyone used Renault Manchester for servicing/warranty work? After having trouble with my supplying dealer, I need to get a couple of warranty claims in with someone decent. Anyone used Renault Manchester and can give an opinion on what theyre like to deal with and the quality of their work?

Failing that, any other recommended dealers in South Manchester?
  The Jinx

f**kwits from what my colleague has told me. I looked at some used Clios there and they didnt seem to give a sh*t. So I didnt.

The guy at Renault Altrincham seemed ok, but I have no experience of their service dept.

I got the best "feeling" in there though, and thats after visiting Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Bolton (where I bought from and they are fvckwits), and Stockport.

Id put Stockport 2nd.

I used Lookers Stockport to buy from and dont want to go back there. Trouble is, theyre all Lookers dealers in North Cheshire. Bugger.

This may sound like a dumb question but is the warranty invalidated if you use another Renault specialist?

If not, go to IRS (Independent Renault Specialists) at the top of Hillgate in Stockport. They are real professionals and wont rip you off, the guys have worked on renaults for years and the workmanship is second to none. Ive spent a couple of grand getting bits and bobs done and have never had any problems.

Tel 0161 429 8331.
  320d M Sport

renault alty are awful, just dont go there, i promise you it will come back with something else wrong if you do!!

Renault Manchester lost themselves a sale because of the way they treated me. I was originally going to get a 2nd hand 172 off them, but because they were such w**kers I went to Motorpoint instead. I too would like to know who the best Renault dealer is in Manchester, after reading some of the posts on the forum I have a feelng Ill become a regular visitor.

Absolutely do NOT use Renault Manchester for Anything, they take your cash and run. Service is PATHETIC, car goes in for something and comes out with something hanging off. Was standing there once with the customer services "manager" (Pauline) when one of the young idiots they employ nowadays in garages screeched round the corner in a customers car and skidded into the drive... the manager looked decidedly embarrassed.

Lookers Altrincham in the otherhand, so far have been much better.. speak to Robert in the service desk and say Simon Briffa sent and recommended you, then you should get some decent service hopefully! Actually tell the bugger to bloody ring me about my 4k exhaust rattle problem!


hmmm.. I too am after a half decent Renault dealer (do they exist at all???) in Manchester....anyone else know any decent ones in this area? or what about in the Preston area?

This is crap. Are there no acceptable Renault dealers in the North West? Altrincham is a Lookers garage, as is Macclesfield and Stockport.

Anyone used Lookers in Macclesfield?
  The Jinx

Oldhams probably the best of the bunch. My mum and dad have never had much trouble with them.

In contrast, this is my 1st Renault and Ive always had Citroen beforehand. Their customer service is leagues ahead, and theyve never done a bad job on any of our cars.
  320d M Sport

best ive been to was Bolton Reno, i bought the car from them and they were spot on, id have kept on going there if it werent so far for me.

biekman.. Use Lookers in stockport. i went to lookers in alti for some minor warranty work on my Cup & they were wa*k. however Lookers in stockport were far more helpfull. They fitted the lower front grill on my Car properly after alti fitted it wrong & they were only too happy to replace the passenger seat rails after alti said they were fine (they wernt the seat rattled like sh*te. I think for warranty issues i will go back to lookers in stockport as i was pleased with their service. One other word of warning!! Lookers Altrincham put 16 miles on the clock when it went in to have the seat rails looked at!!1HHmmm. Lookers stockport didnt need to move the car out of the yard... & still did the job properly. What does that tell you!
  The Jinx

Do not go to Bolton. They were sh*t with the sale. And when I picked the car up half the faults ahdnt been sorted.

The handbrake was soo loose it nearly came off in my hands and all he said was "oh book it in next week and well sort it." f**k you c**tface, it should have been finished before I picked it up. I got a socket set on it and did it myself when I got home.

THEN I found a load of stuff in the glovebox that belonged to one of their employees who had clearly been using it everyday of the week for the previous 10months, and which also showed it had been used it to travel to many parts of the country for training.

THEN I found the alloy key under the psasenger seat.

THEN I found loads of sh*t like pens and tools under the spare.

THEN they failed the Xsara that I traded in on its MOT(part of the deal was to get it MOTd) £300 worth of work, which was the exact figure that they gave me over book price on the Xsara. It was its 1st MOT and had only 2 months before had its BIG 3yr service. When I spoke to the Citroen Manchester boys they said that although it was possible the parts needed replacing it was highly unlikely given the space of time that had passed. I had it re-MOTd elsewhere and it passed no problems!

I then found "hot-rock" holes in the 2 front seats and one rear passenger seat. The salesman was highly embarrassed by this. They repaired it free of charge.

Now the tyres are worn out. Thats my fault for not checking them and they prolly wouldnt have changed them if I had noticed before the sale. All 4 tyres. One of which is a cheap remould instead of an original fit Conti.

In short, dont even go near the one in Bolton. IME they are the worst of the lot.
  2012 WRX Waggon

Reno Alty is a bugger to park in, plus they are having loads of roadworks done inside the compound - not alot of space - hi potential for bumps and scratches IMHO

Just been to Arnold Clarke in Warrington (near Ikea) to have a fuse changed :oops:.

Brand new massive building and workshops, plus the Tech who changed the fuse for me, owns a 172, and is a member of Cliosport!
  R5 Gordini Turbo

A little inconsequential, but when I came up north I ended up going to Renault Cheshire (which is a Lookers) and they were brilliant and solves an oil leak on my Clio in about 10 mins whereas my dealer here in T/Wells took 3 attempts and failed.

BigMoose - which one is Renault Cheshire? Theres loads of them!

I like the sound of this Warrington one. Which member is the Tech? Anyone else used them?
  2012 WRX Waggon

not sure of his name, he said hed pop into the forum sometime.

I am gonna stick mine in there for a new clutch hopefully.

Hmm.. i seen that one in Warrington.. Buts a Arnold Clark!!! Heard some crappy stories about Arnold Clark on some other thread but ive never actually check this particualr garage out....

Good location though.. drop your 172 off for a service, pick up courtesy car and stuffit full of Ikea stuff next door, take it all home and come back and pick your own car up.. hehehe.. no need to damage your own car when you want that ikea 3 peice suite.. hehehe