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reno = new heights

car went in on friday to have the bonnet release cable replaced after it had snapped at a most unfortunate time

anyway, put the car in at 8.30am got a phone call at 12.30pm to say my car was ready for collection

picked the car up at 5.30pm, checked that the bonnet opened ok then left

on the way home the light started to fade outside so i turned on the lights, front lights came on and that was it

when it got a bit darker i realised that the dash backlight also was inoperable, got a mate to check all the lights

it seems that reno have managed to cause an electrical problem behind the dash after fitting the release cable

phoned them up to coplain - their reply was

"Sorry sir, but you are aware that electrics are not covered under warranty"

Cheeky fckers, they have now lost my custom, and Camden Reno have been kind to accept the work and apologised on behalf of my other dealer, and sympathised with my situation
  ICE'dberg MK2 172


Good luck bambam mate....youll need it.

surely they cant be that bad chris, but still they have got to be better than Richard Sanders Reno (NAME AND SHAME MOMENT)

at least i wont have to pay for it what with my money situation this month

yeah most dealers differ with their opinions of repairs

Mine are very friendly once i mention i work for Ren.....might help if you blag it.....i get free tid bits when i stay and talk a bit over Renault policies and thier apalling illogical work ethics......

I got a free oil filter and rear sh*t guard cause i spent about 15 mins talking to the parts desk guy...but he did say mums the
  ICE'dberg MK2 172


They never ring back....ever

Tried to blame the steering wheel offset on kerb scuff.

"Test driven" 45miles diagnosing gearbox problem.

Smashed the inner wing, fuse box cover and paint chipped while replacing gearbox...that took them 5 weeks to get and then took them 3 days to fit it.

Scratch on bumper when replacing innerwing...didnt notice until got home and they denied all knowledge.

Scratched plastic trim when replacing passenger seat runner.

Ive tried to forget the rest....and I have to take it in on Thursday again to get the jacking points assessed.....

Chris they never get back to me either even when I want to part with money. I have been trying to avoid going to them but car is due for its first service soon.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172 long as you use Official Renault parts then do it yourself. They only change the oil and kick the tyres anyway.

Check with Trading Standards, Im sure you can do it yourself and not void the warranty.

Oh yeah...and they are a bunch of........hope they dont read this..damn

Chris, Yeh I did an oil change at 1500 miles and am doing the 6000 mile one this weekend, but it needs its 12000mile / 1 year service and Renault need to do this to stamp the book so I keep the warranty. If they are reading this who cares it is true they are b***oc*s