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Replacing tweeter

  Flamer ph2 172
I'm getting vibe black ice 6x9's mids and tweeters but was wondering how easy it is going to be to fit the tweeters will they just slot in the original slots or is this going to be a compleat nightmare?

Any help would be great


Do you mean Vibe Black Air?
I think the Vibe Black Air tweeters might fit in the existing holes. Not 100% though.
In the dash the tweeter you can see is actually just a cover, you twist and pull that off, and the tweeter itself is actually clipped in beneath it.

What are you going to be doing about wiring in the crossovers?
  Flamer ph2 172
Yeah I meant black air lol, I'm hoping they should fit in original holes not sure about crossovers did want to put sub in but dont want to change head unit at the moment because my standard tuner list has I pod in-put but hasn't got pre-outs I'm not entirely sure what crossovers do I'm quite new to this ☺
The crossovers filter the sound frequencies. So they make sure only the higher frequency sound goes to the tweeters, and the mid/low goes to the woofers in the doors.
The OEM tweeters have an inline resistor built into the bottom to do this iirc, so therefore if you remove them and don't fit crossovers, nothing will be filtering the frequencies on the new ones.
Don't have to. Can be done without , but the tweeters themselves don't always like up with the holes in the dash, so can be a bit of a fiddle.
Just untwist the tweeter cover and have a look/go.
Anywhere you want. Slap a bit of velcro on the back of them and stick them up behind the dash somewhere, or under the seats.
It's all a bit complicated if you don't know what you're doing.
You're not too far from me..
  Flamer ph2 172
I might have a go myself but if I get stuck that's good to know, do I need to use the old wiring loom or can I just feed the new wires back through to the door ?
Easier to use old wiring loom. Better to feed new wires through to door.
However the rubber boot thing has a plastic pin connector, so complicated to get new wires through.
This is how it'll need wiring: