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Resetting ECU

I have a 2001 16v Sport clio, has Simon foung out all about resetting the ECU and if the three presses then 30 secs wait will work for my car. Have tried it and seamed ok, but you just cant tell! Cheers.
  172 sport,

tried it on mine it seemed to pull better through th gears but at 120 it run outta puff which it aint never done b4 aint had a chance to try it again since will let ya know if its back to normal when i do
  CTR EK9 turbo

I had to reset the ecu today, when it was replaced with the new one. This is how i was told to do it: put the key in the ignition, turn it to the setting where all the lights are on the dash. Pump the accelerator *5* times (all the way to the floor) then turn the ignition off. Wait 30 secs. Then turn on. It doesnt seem to do much really, it just erases any errors collected by your on board computer when you stall your car etc. I guess it has to re-learn your driving style, so give it a dose of optimax and a good thrashing after youve done it and i guess itl do something? (im no mechanic or anything, just doing what i was told to do by one!)
  Williams 2, STi N12

I tried somethinglike that on my Williams, unplugged the ECU left it for a week or so. Plugged it back in, filled her up with superplus and I have to say that there is a bit of a difference. Kinda wipes the memory after a while (not sure how long though, then starts from new with a full tank of 97 RON!!!

Simon will it work on the older models? Mines a 1.4RT L reg.

I tried it, but havent thrashed it yet. It must have acquired a load of errors over 67k miles!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey there. Im not sure about the RT, but i can ask this guy whether the circuitary is similar and whether it would be relevant for your model. It doesnt hurt to try tho does it!? ( i think!)

dont get carried away guys with resetting the ecu..

you WILL NOT GAIN ANYTHING.. sorry... but...

the ecu is ADAPTIVE... ie it CONSTANTLY updates itself ....

if a knock event occurs say.. it will r****d the ignition and store the result.. but NOT forever... at a predesignated time - maybe 5 mins or so, it will try again for max advance from the stored map..


Joe, Just out of interest, if there is a method of resetting the ECU by pressing the accelerator a number of times ect.. In what circumstances would you need to do this and what problem would it solve?

Hi Sir,

the ecu can store information such as intermittent faults on a sensor, and also adapt on a continuous basis to the engine characteristics, such as adaptations to the ignition map positions due to a knock event etc - or, when using a lower octain fuel. the unit is contiuously monitoring the parametres and will adapt within a few miles.

the normal use would be to clear a serv warning light on the dash after a fault has been fixed.

it is easier than disconnecting the vehicle battery due to loss of radio code / clock time etc.