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Rev counter not working...

Hi all,

I am now on my second clio (and ive only had my licence a month!) damn walls getting in the way of me and my first clio :) At least this one is not an h reg, and is blue not white!

Anyway, this one has a problem with the rev counter. Usually when I start the car up and go for a drive... it works fine for the first 2 minutes or so of my journey. Then it suddenly stops working and rests at the 0. Going over bumps, sometimes gets it working again (but only for a bit).

Is it anything obvious wrong with it, so i dont have to spend my hard earned student pounds on getting a mechanic to look at it!!

Im also having it go in for a major 72k mile service, cam belt and new water pump soon. Any advise on what I should be paying for the whole lot to be done?

Thanks for any advice

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My old RT used to do that occasionally, think it was getting stuck. Try taking the dash out and cleaning the contacts and making sure it can move easily.

Im sure someone on here has probably had this and fixed it!