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revs sitting just under 2000 rpm when i am not even on the throttle

  Black Sheep
When I am driving the revs sometimes sit just under 2000 when my foot is not even on the throttle and if it wasnt for the clutch I would be going up the back of people! This is very annoying not to mention unsafe! When it does do this say once or twice a week I have to turn my engine off at the lights and turn it back on the engine settles at normal revs.
  Black Sheep
I live up at Fairmilehead. I am no mechanic so could someone please tell me how i would go about cleaning out a throttle body with wd40 cheers. Although i think the problem is the ecu ect as it only happens now and then, an old clio phase 2 I had would rev up to 3000 when i turned the key and nothing would happen when i went on the throttle ect I sold that for someone else to deal with, (for a discount I might add) but i think i must be cursed with clios or are they just all crap lol.