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Finally a pic from are stand at Donny South thanks to Tony...

Ps that clio on the cover is mint. All you Mark2 owners should take note...;)

Thats one of me mates mates car - iccy 1200 with 19s - whats the point - a scooterll overtake it and all the grannys in their standard 1200s - the suispension I d imagine is non existent !! Look better with a more original front end as well!!!
  Lionel Richie

I like it, looks amazing, much different from everyone else, fair play to that bloke. 19s thats impressive!!!!!!! ("its ruined the performance" comment of a 172 owner!!!!!just joking)
  BMW 320d Sport

What are we talking about, the one on the cover? (BTW Tony, yes yours and Mels Clios are in there)

Well lets compare the two cover Clios this month then (is this a record???)

Revs Clio - totally original in the world of Clio modding, may not be to everyones taste but looks tidy and was obviously hard work, none of the work farmed out to anyone else or using off-the-shelf stuff.

Fast Car Clio - if thats Pazs one, then lets see...its been doing the rounds for just about the whole of 2002, probably he didnt even pay to get the work done cos he works for the mag and then strangely enough his car ends up on the cover, everyone whos seen it up close says its untidy, there are panel gaps and holes in the bodykit bonding that you could put your hand in. The front bumper looks like its made from a bit of vacuum formed crisp packet, and the full-on Jap look is totally wrong on a Clio (IMHO). There are some good points about it, the interior is definitely different but the outside is a mess, the sort of thing youd expect on a Saxo. In fact they wouldnt even mod a Clio like that in France. And how come I can get 18s on mine with full lock and suspension travel (and its lowered as well), yet his skirts and rear bumper are cracking cos of the 18s hes fitted? And mines no cover car...

I know which one I thinks the better job.

the revs one is miles better then paz clio. Althou I aint seen it in the flesh. As we all know paz photograph wells but when u get close its falling apart. doh

I think there is another Clio on the cover of Revs next month as well, supposedly it is the next level up from Pazs, all the work has been done by Mynheer again but supposedly this one is better than Pazs (Which I am not a fan of anyway!), the colours lime green and orange have been mentioned!!