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Road Angel 2

  liquidized RacingBlue 182
so anyone use them? how do they find them? saved some asses? i just bought one so curious to see how they are!
  BMW M3
You wont get coverage through your windscreen as its Uv protected. Need and external ariel that can be put inside near the back window or under the plastic cover under windscreen.
  BMW M3
not very well... you can try as it seems to work but is not consistant i dont think.

1 sec ill get a link
  RB 182, 1275GT
I don't need the antenna for my 182 Cup (I did have the antenna but sold it on here).
It has saved my arse loads of times but is useless at picking up handheld cameras. Ideal if you commute lots and use roads which you don't normally go on but if I drive around local I never use it.