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Road Legal Track Tyres on Turinis

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Hi all,

So after Wednesday at Brands my front tyres are looking a bit worse for wear. They have Toyo Proxes on them at the moment I think (need to check).

The rear tyres look really pretty good still so I could swap them around but I am wondering about just getting some road legal track focused tyres on the front instead. What are the pros and cons? Any recommendations on a cheap pair of tyres that would allow me to notice a difference on track. I am a complete novice so they dont need to be amazing

I will get separate 15s just for the track at some point I imagine but currently storage is a real issue and value my testicles too much to try to explain to my GF why there are 4 tyres stacked on top of each other in the back garden!!