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Road legal track tyres

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Hi all,

So after Wednesday at Brands my front tyres are looking a bit worse for wear. They have Toyo Proxes on them at the moment I think (need to check).

The rear tyres look really pretty good still so I could swap them around but I am wondering about just getting some road legal track focused tyres on the front instead. What are the pros and cons? Any recommendations on a cheap pair of tyres that would allow me to notice a difference on track. I am a complete novice so they dont need to be amazing

I will get separate 15s just for the track at some point I imagine but currently storage is a real issue and value my testicles too much to try to explain to my GF why there are 4 tyres stacked on top of each other in the back garden!!


ClioSport Club Member
Don't run different tyres front and back, not if you're putting some grippy semi-slicks on there and driving it on the limit.
  Z4x2 & buying a 182
Yeah I did wonder..

But what will actually happen? Front sticker than rear....what will that translate into?
Tyre stacks are part of the landscape in our garden.

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
So I have decided I am probably just going to wait and get a set of 15s with track tyres

In the interim though I have 2 track days coming up and aprobably less than 3mm left on the fronts which doesnt feel like a lot for a track day? Unless I am being stupid . The rears are good.

I could switch them around but I have a new ARB (which is amazing, cant believe the difference it makes!) and want to leave the rears on and change the fronts before Abingdon next week. I could just change the fronts for more toyo proxes but wondered if it is worth getting something different ...PS3s? I am thinking this will be my road wheels but I will be using them for the next 2 track days.

Any thoughts?
  Z4x2 & buying a 182
my local kwikfit is doing PS3s at £111 but they also stock AD08Rs for £88.50

I dont mind paying more for better tyres


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
I've done two wet track days on PS3's and they've still got plenty of tread left. Can't fault them for daily driving either. I've got a spare set of 15" oz F1s in the shed that I'll try to find a set of decent used AR1's, Ns2rs, or 888's for in case i ever book a track day when it's not raining.
I've got NS-2R at the moment and they've been remarkably resistant to sliding in damp weather, but standing water is an issue... lol

They also 'whirr' like my wheel bearings are about to fall out :LOL: so factor that in if you'll be doing a lot of road miles...